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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Prayer for my Friend’s Friend

Yesterday, I talked to one of my girlfriend riders who lives out in California.  She is in Laughlin at the moment enjoying the rally.  She was supposed to ride up with another girlfriend, but it didn’t happen.

Her girlfriend was in a serious accident.  Ms. Girlfriend (I don’t know her name) was riding her brand new Harley when she was T-boned.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the technical term, she was broadsided.  In a car, that can be a pretty serious accident, on a bike it IS a serious accident.  

Ms. Girlfriend was not killed, but she has some serious injuries.  She suffered serious damage to her leg; so much that the doctors have reattached the limb but are not sure if the reattachment is going to take.  It’s a wait-and-see game.  My heart goes out to Ms. Girlfriend because she was in a serious car accident and more or less loss the use of her other leg and now this.

She’s a serious rider as well; she loves to ride and braves any type of weather to do so.

My heart goes out to her and she’s in my prayers.  It’s a sad story to tell and I hope that she pulls through this with minimal damage.  

I can tie this together with my plea on the blood run.  Ms. Girlfriend is not the only one hurt; I’ve heard countless other tales of accidents or fatalities since the beginning of the month.  

Please be careful out there, do what you can to support your riding community, and if you have a moment, please send a prayer for Ms. Girlfriend.  She needs our prayers at the moment.  If you ride for any length of time, I know you have a story like this to tell.  Ms. Girlfriend may not have a face, but there will be a time that she’ll become someone you know and it will be sooner than you’ll want it to be.

Thanks, all.

Keep the Shiny Side Up

~The Rainbow Wahine

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Biker Betty said...

I am so sorry to hear the accident and this friend is in my prayers. Please keep us posted as you hear how this person is doing and send her my well wishes.