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Sunday, April 09, 2006

It’s Saturday, Let’s Ride

My ride adventure started Friday evening when I rode down to the HOG meeting.  It was good to see everyone and especially to ride down to the meeting!!  It was a bit cool, but since it was only a 15 minute ride from my home, I figured what the heck!!!

I did ride downtown so I got a bit more riding in.  My friends are so funny.  I walked in to Jack Quinn’s and I’m all geared up—chaps, jacket, eye protection, gloves, AND motorcycle helmet—only to be asked “did you ride”?

LOL.  Okay, guys, I get geared up in my motorcycle gear just so I can drive my mini-van down!!!  Of COURSE I rode in!!

I ended up hanging out with them until 11ish and then headed out.  The Mountain Shadow Riders Chapter meeting was at 9AM and I was bound and determined to get in and eat a bit of breakfast before the meeting.  I got there early, but instead of eating breakfast like I planned, I ended up running my mouth.

Of course, I rode in!  After all, we are a riding organization and it’s clear so it’s all about being on two wheels!!

I’m packing the gear on the Fatboy and I remembered Jeanne had given me the April door prize gift and I had to take it in.  I fish it out of my laundry room only to realize that she sent me a door prize gift that was in this huge honkin’ bag that I had to somehow strap on my motorcycle.  Granted, I’ve had this gift for about two or three weeks and the size issue doesn’t dawn on me until five minutes before I planned on leaving!

I would say Jeanne planned this on purpose, but I know better.  If she were to make life unpleasant for me, she’d put a darn brick in the gift bag!!

The meeting was productive; there was a lot of great information that was handed out.   I especially liked the handout on hand signals.  Yes, I know what left, right, slow down, form single file and a couple of other signals mean, but I had no idea that there was a hand signal for “I need gas” or “I need to potty”….

Since we are a wussy girl’s group, we have to stop every 12 feet for a potty break.  That’s how girls are!!

The safety tip this month was on a first aid kit.  Janet made it fun by having each table pick an item out of her first aid kit and we were to talk about the “intended” and “creative” uses of the item drawn.  Someone commented that there wasn’t a condom in the kit and Janet responded that there should be.

Yes, practing safe something or another while riding the motorcycle, eh??

Evidently, she had heard he rumor of using a condom for fuel transfer.  

Okay, if it works for her…but then again…..

Well, never mind, this is a blog on a motorcycle adventure.

Overall an excellent meeting!  Our guest speaker commented that we were one of the best-organized groups he’d ever seen.  Of course, with all the great members we have, it can’t be truer!!  

Not only do we love riding, but we want to share what works and encourage everyone to grow and gain confidence as motorcyclists.

We ended our meeting, geared up and headed out to pick up trash………..

Stay tuned for that adventure!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


David said...

I'd like to see the handout on hand signals. Is there a website somewhere?

The Snark said...

At least you got a ride. On Sunday morning, bright and early, I got up, and wanted to go for a ride. And none of the 4 bikes would start. ARRGGGHH!

Christine said...

David, I'll pull the paperwork and see if there's a reference to a website. Otherwise, I'll scan it in for you and post it. It was very helpful!

Christine said...

Ahhh...Snark, that stinks!!