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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Scavenger Hunt Tales: Distance to Bishop’s Castle

I had a rare opportunity to get out and ride Friday afternoon and I took full advantage of the opportunity and rode in with a group of my friends down to Bishop’s Castle. Bishop’s Castle is an unusual tourist attraction in the state of Colorado. This structure has been in the process of being built for the past 30 some years. This is a one man project and to see it is amazing. Not only is the structure mind boggling (you see it and think—what one guy did this?), but the various signage around the property tells his story on the encounters of various government officials he’s had.

Located on Hwy 165, the ride is spectacular! The road goes up to 9,200 feet above sea level and has great scenery and twisties. We still had to wear some cold weather gear—there was still snow on the ground!

Stopping at the castle and poking around is always fun. It’s just amazing to see this structure. Since it is being built by the Bishop family and outside any jurisdiction—it’s being built with no formal plan or under any building code. While I’d love to take my son to see it, at the same time, I look at the haphazardness and apparent lack of safety (like no guard rails to protect my son from deciding to take a plummet off the top) and decide that he’ll have to wait a few years!

One of the riders in our group is a home builder and I asked him his opinion about the apparent lack of adherence to any building code. His response was: “It’s amazing that this building is even standing”. I also noticed that he didn’t climb all the way up to the top either.

The Bishop’s Castle is on the Scavenger Hunt list and of course, I remembered to take my handy-dandy camera along to get a photograph.

Bishop's Castle

I also was fortunate to find mile marker 6 on my ride today.

Mile Marker 6--it's out there Scavenger Hunters--I'm not telling where, though!

We also took the opportunity to stop and watch a mountain goat bound across the highway. It makes good sense to give the animals the right of way since hitting a large sized goat isn’t good for a motorcyclist or rider. And is less messy.

It was a great day for a ride!

Saturday’s adventure is to Nederland. The girls and I are riding out for a date with The Frozen Dead Guy. See you then!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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