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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Scavenger Hunt Update: 340 Points

We didn’t get up to see The Frozen Dead Guy this afternoon. The weather was uncooperative and everyone was against going.

Not too many new things: I think the scoop of the week was Mile Marker 6!

I passed a whole lot of things…..especially that orange Volkswagen. No worries, I’ll find it again!!

The 18 wheeler was an interesting photo. While I was shooting another image, I turned to find a semi pulled over. All it took was walking over and shooting the pic. Didn’t even have to move the bike!! Whoooo hoooooo.

An 18-wheeler--caught luck this time instead of passing it on the road!!!

On deck for today was supposed to barbequing, but I think we are going to make up for the ride today and head out early in the morning. Cool…I’m all for it. I have to be in earlier than everyone, but that’s okay, I miss my little boy.

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope everyone gets a chance to spend it with those you love!! I’ll see my little one soon enough….he’ll come home all wired up on chocolate. No worries, me too!!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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