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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Are We Idiots or Something?

I talked to one of my rider girlfriends the other day.  She called me all upset because she wants to add GPS, power her mp3 player, and possibly add a source of power so she can run heated gear on her bike.  She’s not particularly handy so she is more than happy to farm the work out and get someone else to do the work.

Well, it’s been a problem since everyone she has called has not had a clue.  Oh, wait, one motorcycle shop would have been more than happy to put power on her bike:  to the tune of $1,100 dollars!!  Are they daft in the head?  Now, she’s not particularly mechanically handy but she’s not stupid.  She also knows that I tinker around and am cheap.  

She tells me what she wants and asks what I would do.

I can’t imagine what would cost $1,100.  To add those three things is pretty simple, so this just boggles my mind.  I’m thinking the motorcycle shop doesn’t have a clue or thinks she doesn’t have a clue.  Even adding a power inverter wouldn’t cost that much and she could mount the darn thing in her saddlebag.

As long as she doesn’t exceed the electrical load of the bike, she’s good.  We talk a good bit about what I recommended, get the parts list hammered out and then move on to talk about our personal lives.  

I am also thinking I’m in the wrong business if a motorcycle shop can quote $1,100 to put power on a bike and get it!!  Yikes!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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