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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

June Vacation: Riding the Rockies

I have been debating what the plan for my vacation this summer, when I received an invite from a group of riders that call Virginia home.  It seems that this group of riders picks a destination every year and ride and this year Colorado is their destination!!!  Whooo hoooo!!!  I’m game!!

How did I meet this group?  Funny you should ask!

E-bay.  Yes, this single girl trolls E-bay looking to pick up men.  Not really, but the whole story is rather interesting—at least for me.

I was looking at possibly putting rhinestones on my primary cover on the Harley and wasn’t particularly happy about paying full retail for a brand new one.  I decided to start shopping the biggest garage sale of all:  E-bay.  I don’t shop E-bay too terribly often; I’m more of the seller type so my biggest problem is finding the part and then forgetting to enter my bid for the last-minute entry.  This is what happened on several derby covers—I’d find them and forget to bid at the close of the auction.

E-bay is a great place for OEM stock parts, by the way.

I finally snag a primary cover and placed my bid.  Lo and behold, I win!!  In the process, the seller asks if I ride a Harley and not really wanting to disclose a lot of personal information, I tell him yes, but not much else.   He does e-mail me back and tells me why he’s asking:  he and a group of riders is riding out to Colorado and wants to know if I would like to join them.  

I tell him:  send me the info and I may show up with 40 of my biker chick friends!  Okay, he countered, he’ll let his group know that they’ll be joined by 40 motorcycle riding women!!  LOL!

We’ve been e-mailing back and forth for quite some time now and I finally got the itinerary last week.  Looks like fun!!  The ride consists of parts of the state I’ve never ridden as well as parts I have and want to ride again!   Plus stops to sight see as well!   The scavenger hunt is never far from thought so I’m seeing all the places I need to go as well!!

I post up the invite and info to the Mountain Shadow Rider’s bulletin board with a note of the three couples and six singles that are riding.  I interpret the message as six single guys.  Did I get that wrong:  its six single riders.  Gee, this single gal was getting all buzzed up!  LOL!  Ah well, no worries, I’ll stick to my plan of cruising the car wash and bowling alley for men *wink*.

I’m kidding, of course, while I’m seeking, it is not desperately seeking.  Although I will say that I’ve met quite a few interesting people while at the car wash…………….

All kidding aside, I do plan on doing this ride. The opportunity to get out and see the beautiful state of Colorado, group riding (safety in numbers), mountain twisties (and snow) and the chance to make new friends works for me!  The timing is convenient and lots of photo ops!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Beaker said...

I am so envious!!! Colorado is one place over there that I would love to ride. The Colorado VTX Riders put on an annual event of rides and entertainment in June of every year. The guy that organises this event sent me a CD from last year - 200 + photos as a slideshow with music displaying some of the breathtaking scenery along with plenty of the people. Fantastic!! I just hope that you too take plenty of pix and share them with us.

Christine said...

The VTX group here in the Springs is a great bunch a folks!! I've ridden with quite a few and have always had a blast!!