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Thursday, January 12, 2006

What I Lust After

As any motorcycle owner knows, the first thing you do when you get your motorcycle is change it!! Windshield, saddlebags, sissy bar, risers, luggage racks, specialty lighting, floor boards, grips, chrome and oh….did I say lots of bright, shiny chrome? Of course we have to have a theme so we can make our statement of individuality while within the confines of the clique to which we belong.

My V-Star was my first motorcycle and I knew I wanted a windshield. As far as I’m concerned, the ‘wind blowing in your hair’ mantra is the last thing I desire. Besides, if you have ever gotten caught in a hailstorm in the middle of nowhere with a half-helmet or no headgear, you’ll be thankful for any protection you can get! Stopping, of course, would be the sensible thing. However, in Colorado, if we did that, we may never get home (like that’s necessarily a bad thing??). My quest for saddle bags is never ending. The girl in me still can’t find a set I like at a price I’m willing to pay. I’m still looking.

I don't ride two-up so my pillion seat came off. In its place the fender luggage rack went on. It was an E-Bay thing and I got it for a song! Yes, there IS a way to bargain shop even on E-Bay. Since the pillion came off, the passenger pegs came off too. Lastly, I installed a 12-volt plug on the bike. Monster has this really cool cable with switchable ends so I can charge the various electronic gadgets I can’t live without: my cell phone and my iPod. Not to mention that if I should ever desire to put my GPS on the bike, I can (!

Oh, and the el cheapo looking stick-on V-Star logos came off. I prefer the clean look.

That’s it.

BUT (and that’s a big BUT)……I had to go in a totally different direction. All the money I saved in upgrades went out the window. Well, went out in my garage since I *had* (yes, I was forced) to purchase another motorcycle. Sigh, I went over to ‘that’ side and got the Harley. It was a private sale, a good deal and if I passed it up, I’d be kicking myself today. It came with bags, windshield and sissy bar. The sissy bar is off since I don’t ride two-up. The only other changes were the addition of the ‘necessary’ 12-volt plug and my heated hand grips.

Yes, I’m a wimp, I have heated grips. I like them too. They wouldn’t be a welcome addition if I lived in Hawaii, but I live in Colorado and have had the opportunity to experience snow in July!! Yikes!! Don’t get me wrong, chrome is cool. It just doesn’t do much to keep me warm. And yes, I *did* install them myself!

My derby has a metal leafing job—my answer to the road rash I christened the bike with when I dropped it. I may leaf the front bar guards too, I just haven’t decided to tackle that project—yet. Oh, and the bike has vanity plates.

So what do I lust after? Where the bikes are concerned, I really don’t want anything else. If I could have *anything* then I suppose I would want a sidecar so I could bring my son along. Then again, it won’t be much longer before he’s old enough and he can ride on the back with me. Yea, for him, I’d ride two up!

Keep the shiny side up, ya’ll!!

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