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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey Baby, Can I Ride You??

One thing I like about motorcycling is that it seems to break down the communication “barrier”. I know a lot of people don’t like to ride in town (and while I’m not crazy about riding Academy), I actually do! I really like the smaller towns where it seems people are much more open to a short chit-chat. It's a great opportunity to have a one-minute snippet of a conversation with a fellow motorcycle rider or a driver of a car.

On occasion I do get the drive by pick-up line. It is usually along the lines of “hey baby, can you give me a ride….and then “hey, can I ride you?” While not very original, I always get a kick out of it! I think it’s particularly funny when I ride my Star simply because it has a solo seat…”yeah, hun, get on the luggage rack…..”

Or better yet, when my female friends and I ride out, we have been known to get asked if we are lesbians. Errr…whatever gives them THAT idea??? With that in mind, I guess a group of guys riding out are…well, you see where I’m going with that train of thought!

With any other walks of life there are schmucks to deal with. Overall, the majority of people I meet are interesting and genuine. Of course, it is still about the sport of riding and I do love it so!! The people I meet are a big bonus!! I’ve yet to meet a group of people more fun, genuine and generous!!

For those of you who don’t ride, the next time you see a motorcycle leather clad man or woman, talk to them!! More often than not, you’ll discover that we are pretty much the same as most normal folks (he he he)….we just love riding our bikes!!! Better yet, come join us!!

It would be refreshing to have a man come up with a more original pick up line too *smiles*………………………..

That’s my blithering for the day. Here’s to looking at a weekend of riding—and filling the space until then!

Keep the Shiny Side up!!


kaybee said...

how about this for a more original 'pick-up line'? "Hey baby, when's the last time you had your carbs 'cleaned'?" ....ha-ha...and then you can tell them you do THAT yourself TOO! ;-)

Christine said...

LOL...absolutely...but in all fairness to the men out there...I would appreciate just a "hello, nice wheels" or something like that. I often comment to men (and women too) about their bikes.

Of course, if I went around saying "hey baby, can you ride me?" I think I'd be sending the wrong message *smile*...