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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Love Affair That Will Never Happen

Ulysses XB12X

I had the opportunity to sit on this motorcycle back in November when I worked the International Motorcycle Show. I worked the AMA booth as a volunteer rep of the Women on Wheels. This is a really good looking piece of machinery! Not to mention the design is really cool with all the neat innovations.

I learned to ride a motorcycle on a dirt bike…a Honda CR250. That was a tall bike too. Fortunately, I could touch the ground when I stopped. That’s a necessary and good thing!! The only thing I couldn’t touch was the kick start lever and the ground at the same time, so I’d kick start it with the kickstand down. Looking, back, that’s not to smart. Oh well, when you are 17, not too many things are stupid, except thinking that mom and dad don’t have a clue *smile*.

I wish I could ride the Ulysses. Sitting on it was really neat. Unfortunately, on the stand, my right foot was about six or seven inches from the ground. Hmmmm…I’m thinking…let’s see if getting the bike level will help. Unfortunately, it did not. Upright, my feet are a good four inches from the ground. And the bike can only be lowered an inch and a half.

I somehow think that wearing spiked heels won’t work!!!

I’ve heard rumor that you have to be at least 5’9” to ride this bike. What a shame. I’m 5’5”, but I have a 32” inseam so I’m longer legged than average. Still, not long enough. Oh well.

You folks at Buell paying attention?? While I do have some tall enough girlfriends that doesn't help me! I’d love to have the opportunity to ride this baby.

Well, at least in my dreams anyway. Like my one of friends always tells me…”in my dreams I can fly and the kegs are huge!!” Well, at least I understand where he’s coming from.

Keep the shiny side up!!

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