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Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Want Bluetooth!!!

The folks at BMW have their new helmets available for sale…..over there.  No, we can’t get them here in the good ol’ USA.

Like most people, I own more than one helmet.  I think I have four.  One is full-faced helmet and I will pack it if I think the weather is going to be disagreeable.  I don’t like riding in the hail!!   If it gets too windy I’ll put the darn thing on too.  With the sand on the roads this time of year, I am particular about getting my face sandblasted!  Ugh!  The cold winter wind in my ear isn’t pleasant either.

I won’t go into specs, but at 86db(A) at approximately 60 MPH...that is quiet.  For comparison, 60db is about normal conversation levels.    This helmet is also constructed of light-weight cutting edge composites that allow for strength but less weight.   That is good in my book!

The thing that turned my head is the Bluetooth.  Wow!  Gee, now we can be like the rest of society…talk on our cell phones while riding down the street.

But hey, it’s a trade off…we might get more folks to wear helmets, LOL!!!

Yes, I own four helmets, none are Bluetooth, but I do go without headgear on occasion as well.  That’s all the preaching I’m going to do!!!

Bluetooth??   YEAH BABY!!

Keep the shiny side up!!

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