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Sunday, January 08, 2006

As the Wrench Turns..Part II

I felt like Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral this afternoon as I stared at my Star half assembled. Do I *really* want to do this?? Uhh......Too late!

So the tear down continued and more parts come off. I did have the sense to look at my spark plugs to see if my problem was to rich or too lean. I know spark plugs "talk" and can tell you a lot about the machine you ride. I had carbon build-up on my plugs so it was running way too rich. They got a good cleaning and re-installed.

The carb was not a big issue. I just took my time and followed the directions. My carb just got a good cleaning. No re-jetting, since I’m not putting new pipes on or doing any exhaust mods. As much as the motorcycle enthusiasts complain about OEM parts, I don’t have issue with it. I figure the manufacturers spend millions of dollars on research and development and I’m satisfied with that.

Put everything back together in reverse order, put fuel in the tank and crossed my fingers. With everything ready, my heart was pounding when I got down to the FINE (that’s Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, and Engine if you didn't know--one of the things they teach in motorcycle safety school)….then I pressed the start button. It didn’t fire up.

Oooops, let me flip on the choke. Pressed the start button again. No go. My heart is sinking.

Wait! Unlike my Harley, when you crank the Star, you twist the throttle once before start and then stay off. My baby cranked right up!!!

I’m in my garage doing the happy dance!!! Success!!! Let it warm up and then turned off the choke then called one of my riding buddies who knew about my weekend project.

Did I ride? Sadly, no. Cranky did warm up and as much as I wanted to ride in my little neighborhood, I resisted. Garage clean up, put the tools away. Start dinner.

It is a good day indeed in motorcycle land in the Fox household.

I will say that it’s a darn good feeling to have a problem and solve it on my own. Learning this stuff was a little scary but it was fun. I learned a lot and at least now I won’t feel too out of sorts if it’s a minor repair job.

I do have a three day weekend so I’ve actually got Friday free…so guess what!!! I’m going on a hot date…me and my Star are going for a ride. Anyone out the want to go for a ride with me??

Keep the shiny side up!!


kaybee said...

Happy Dance, Happy Dance! I'm so proud of you! What an accomplishment. You told me you were going to clean out the carbs. Silently, I rolled my eyes and started thinking w"ho do I know that owns a m/c trailer?" (cuz I figured we'd be hauling "Cranky" down to the local shop at some point). But you surprised me Chris. You did. What a great sense of accomplishment. Yipee!

I remember the feeling I had when completed my 1st oil change on my Volusia. And the time when a close friend and I drained my tank, cleaned out the fuel line (and filter) and replaced the plugs - and she started right up after all that work. Your maintenance manual and some determination is all it takes. Happy to know I have a 'technician' riding with me. Great Job!

Christine said...

Kaybee.....Ha ha are funny. For the record, I did have a 'trailer' available...I have had this ongoing debate with a fellow rider who generously volunteered his trailer to transport Cranky to the motorcycle hospital if needed so that base was covered. I may be the lost girl, but I do manage to come up with a plan when necessary!!!! You are a good friend and I'm always honored to ride with ya!!!