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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Story from the Lost Girl and How I Got Found

We all have a ride to climb on. So where do we go and how do we get there?

Since I’m snowbound (well, there’s not much on the ground but it’s way too cold), I’m inside just cruzing the ‘net thinking about how cool it would be to add a mount for my portable GPS to my handlebars. I have 12 volt, and to run the power from the plug to the bars is a simple task, but realized a better solution—batteries!!! The mounts are inexpensive too!!

This article started out as a reminder to always take a map when you hit the road. I’m one for not taking my own advice and I do pay for it on occasion. I’m out longer than I plan or get lost. Once, I was riding and saw a road that looked interesting. Down the road I go……A couple of miles I ran out of pavement. Okay, I’m on my cruiser and don’t mind some dirt road. How long can this possibly go on?? How about some twenty plus miles?? It was slow going until it started raining which is typical of summers in Colorado. That made it for slower going. Then I got the ‘opportunity’ to bury my rear wheel to the axle in soft wet sand. Thank goodness the road was fairly well-traveled and some nice gentleman stopped and pulled me out.

I have experience riding off-road; I rode a dirt bike when I was in high school. It’s just that Harleys, V-Stars and the other cruiser bikes aren't typically used for that type of riding. Not that it can’t be done, of course; I would rather be on pavement. I can just see myself going off the edge of the road on a mountain pass. First of all, no one knew where I was and second there’s typically no guardrails on mountain pass roads!!!! YIKES!!!!

All of this would have been avoided had I had a map. Well, maybe not, but I would have at least been aware of what was ahead of me. I’ve heard stories of the road narrowing so much that a motorcycle couldn’t be turned around so forward progress was the only choice! Yikes! That’s a challenge and one I would not want!

I’m not called the lost girl for no reason, you know!!!

However, I did find a better workaround. Seems that the folks at Google have a map program that can be sent to your cell phone!! Called Google SMS Messaging or Google Local 4 Mobile, you can have your mapping system on your phone. Data charges do apply so please check with your cell provider!!

If you have ever checked out Google Earth Earth, you’ll see how neat the program is! I can zoom down and see my home…I’m just glad it’s not real time (although the folks who listen in on my cell conversations can see me waving at them too, eh??)! Now you can get the same thing on your cell. Now, I think that’s really cool!!!

Doesn’t require me carrying any additional “stuff” either which is great news in my book. I may be a typical girl, but I know I carry less gear than my girlfriends do. I had less than one bag compared to what my friend Deb carried—she had two bags plus her saddle bags were crammed full. Heck, I carry less than some guys I know………….

Check out the Google mapping. I’ll definitely use it!

I’m thinking I could somehow wire my laptop….

Keep the shiny side up, yous people!!!