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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Brand and The Nationality

When I purchased my Harley back in September, I had an interesting conversation with the seller. Judy and I had ridden down to look at the bike (okay, I was supposed to just look) and ended up working a deal. We had worked out the details of the transaction and were sitting and shooting the breeze talking about (of course) motorcycles.

I was on my V-Star and he looked at my bike and made a comment. “Once you ride a Harley, you’ll never get back on a metric bike”. I looked at him and starting laughing. Puzzled, he didn’t understand what I was laughing about. I looked at him and replied, “of course, I will, hon! I am Japanese after all and I think I should be able to ride a metric bike if I want to.”

He pretty much didn’t know what to say after that and apologized for his political incorrectness. No worries, it’s not a big deal since I’ve pretty much heard it all. I just thought it was funny that he spoke without thinking and even funnier that I had the opportunity to turn the comment back on him.

Especially since I hadn’t given him his check!!

No worries, it wouldn’t have undone the deal; I’m not that thin-skinned!!

I still am questioned if I’m going to sell one of my bikes. Honestly, I don’t want to. In reality, I probably will since I really don’t need to have two motorcycles. Well, I don’t *need* one motorcycle if we get down to brass tacks! However, both being cruisers doesn’t help the debate, either. So in my own time, I’ll make the decision. Until then, I’ll just have two bikes.

Don’t ask which one I’ll keep, either. I think we all know the answer that that question!!

Besides, I already have a "Japanese" vehicle (I think was made in Ohio)…I drive an Odyssey. What that has to do with anything, I have no clue!

And forgive me, I'm being terribly un-PC....oh well, at my own expense...get over it *smile*.

Keep the shiny side up, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Christine,

Found your link on the Total Motorcycle forum and came over to check out your blog.

I will never, never, never understand this pro-Harley anti-Japanese bike thing that part of the population seems to have going on. Between my wife and me, we own two British bikes, a Japanese bike, and a Japanese scooter. Big deal. We didn't buy them for their nation of origin. There is NO bike in the world, regardless of company or country of origin, that will not cause me to cross the street to check it out with a grin on my face. I like all bikes, including Harleys.

I didn't buy a Harley for my first bike because IMO they're overpriced for what I'd get. Sure, there's that "life style" thing.... I have no idea what that's about. Don't care. There's that "unique style". But for riding qualities, speed, handling, comfort, power, I think Harley's are overpriced, considering I had limited resources to spend. Yeah, I know the whole resale value argument, problem is, I don't buy bikes to re-sell them, I buy them to ride.

None of this makes me anti-Harley. I think the Motor Company's done a brilliant job as a sales and marketing organization. The bikes are what they are. If I was a rich man, and money was no object, I'd have a lot of different bikes, and there would certainly be a Harley or 2 in the collection.

Here's the problem, then: there's this "if ya ain't for us, ya must be agin us" thing going on with a lot of Harley owners. Not all. Maybe not even a majority, but certainly enough to be noticeable. There's that bunch that, if you don't subscribe to the "if it ain't a Harley, it aint s**t" line, brands you an enemy. I don't get it, myself. Wouldn't it be kind of monotonous if everyone rode the same brand of bike? :-)

Nice blog. I'll check back from time to time to see what you're up to.


Lumberton, NJ

Christine said...

Ahhh, thanks Jonathan for your comments! HD's marketing strategy was brilliant...what can I say. My hat's off to them!!

I like all motorcycles! Brits, Americans, Metrics even the Russian bikes I've seen are cool.

I have a friend that told's drive a Japanese vehicle made up of mostly American parts and your are an American made of Japanese parts.

Overpriced? I got a good deal and am happy with it.

As long as you ride, you are cool in my book! Even if you didn't you'd still be cool!

Keep the shiny side up!!