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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

He Rides the Same as Me...COOL!

Well, no riding today, but I’ll pull a story out of my bag.  I had posted it on another board, so it was a reminder.  It’s funny (at least to me anyways)….

I am wired for sound on my bike.  Actually, I’m wired for sound anywhere I go and if you ever meet me, chances are I’ll have my iPod on me.  I play it in my van, on my bike (both the Fatboy and the V-Star are wired for iPod power), at the gym, even in the shower!  Okay, too much information….

You can imagine my pissed off state when my mini died.  NO TUNES!  What am I going to do?  Well, I was on my Harley when it died so I make an immediate bee-line to the nearest Best Buy and just buy another.  This time I did get the replacement warranty, though.

When I’m on my motorcycle, I normally pull up on the sidewalk and park.  Yes, it is annoying, yes, it’s probably illegal, but I do it anyways.  So I pull up and my best friend from Hawaii calls me and I’m sitting on my bike with my back to the parking lot chatting up a storm.  I hear two other bikes pull in and park behind me on the sidewalk.  I turn around to notice there were two bikes, but didn’t pay attention to the make/model.  I just waved to the guys, turned back around and kept talking.

I hear one of the guys proclaim “well, I’ve never ))^^%#*&% seen THAT before”.  I didn’t pay them any attention and kept focus on my phone conversation.  After I hung up, I turned around and looked at the bikes (of course, I look at all bikes…aren’t they cool??) and busted out laughing.  

Poor fella as one of the bikes was identical to mine …a red and silver 15th Anniversary Fatboy……We won’t tell him that mines an ’04 with the ’05 tank set on it.  They look the same so no one really knows the difference!!  That’s another story, though.  

What?  I dented his ego??  Now this guy has to know that there’s another bike, just like his in our bitty town THAT A GIRL RIDES…………..I think it’s cool…he’s just like me *smile*!!!!   I can’t wait until we have a ride in and I get to meet him again, LOL!!!!  I don’t think it’s a big deal since I put my pants on the same as any one—the only difference is that he can write his name in the snow when he pees and I can’t.  Well, I might be able to pull it off, but I think it would be more messy!!!

I did get my new iPod and am back in business.  When I went back outside, they were gone.  Gee, I was looking forward to chatting with them.  

That’s my story for the day and I’m sticking to it.

Aloha and keep the shiny side UP!!

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