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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friends, Roads, Motorcycles and A SCOOTER?!?!?!

I was lucky enough to get a late-morning ride today. Our riding group had our monthly meeting (one monthly thing I look forward to, LOL) and a group of us normally stick around for an after-meeting ride. Today that magic number was seven. A few in the group are fairly new and inexperienced riders so it was a chance to group ride, practice skills, and just get out on the road a bit. It was a lot of fun!

I finally get to ride with Kelly. She rides a Bergman! She’s been after me about putting her scoot on my blog, so here you are dearie….your moment in the sun! I had been wanting to ride with her (missed her at the BCA ride since she volunteered her ride time to work behind the scenes) so I’m glad the opportunity finally opened up! Her Berg is a scooter on steroids and really cool!! It’s fast, too. She kept up with all of us, no problemo!!

I’m sure we garnered a good bit of attention when we rolled down the street. I mean, Karla’s on her Volusia; Betty, Cyndi and Paul all ride V-Stars, Jeanne and I are on our Harleys……..and then there’s Kelly. She’s in the middle of the pack and tearing it up!!! We go by it’s motorcycle, motorcycle, HEY THAT’S A……SCOOTER?!?!?!?!?! Then no one pays attention to the rest of the bikes….

No wonder why she lets us ride with her!!!!

That’s why I love motorcycling. It’s all about the great and crappy roads we ride, the friends we make (and lose) over time and most importantly, the memories. It's never about what anyone rides and always about who we ride with! If you disagree I’ll send that red-headed Bergman-riding woman over and you can debate the issue with her. Trust me, she’ll win. She’s just that kinda gal!!! Either that or she’ll kill ya and hide your body in the humongous storage space she has on that Berg.

So that’s how she always manages to win (I won’t mention the ‘small’ fact that she’s got bigger kahunas than a lot of men I know)!!!

When rode that final leg of Powers Blvd, we lost a rider as their turn off came up. Cyndi first, then me, and I knew Karla would be next… struck me as I turned off--how the journey today is typical of life. We all came together for our reason, shared our time together and then when it was over, everyone went their separate ways when it was their time to go.

Thank you Karla, Betty, Jeanne, Cyndi, Kelly, and Paul for the great ride! Seems like there were more of us (I HOPE I didn’t forget anyone)!

We didn’t get asked the lesbian question. Must have been Paul………….ha ha ha!!!

Keep the shiny side up!!


Betty said...

Hi Christine,
That was an awesome ride. I agree, it's all about the friends we make along the way. I really enjoyed the ride up to Castle Rock and back. Karla did a great job leading us. I love reading "Christine's Corner," keep up the good work!!
See Ya on the Road, Betty

KT Did said...

You brought the spirit I discovered when I met the ladies I ride more each day too. And oh yea....that damn lesbian question!!! I wonder, does that mean all guys are gay since they are ride together too?--funny thing is, I get that question from women!