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Monday, May 15, 2006

Scavenger Hunt Riding…Next Volume

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to do Scavenger Hunting, so after the Mother’s Day Run and a bunch of errands, Jeanne and I headed out around town to do some Scavenger hunting. Especially after talking with Kelly and Paul during breakfast and finding out that she has over 500 points! Time to get Harley in gear!

That and Chris E. tells me she has a photo with a purple corvette!!

Sigh…all in good time!!

There’s so much to get from around town and every time I check the list I find more things that I can get around the area. My memory doesn’t hold all the stuff and Jeanne was poking fun at me—I *should* know since I created the list. Yeah, well, I have a hard time remembering my name most of the time, so how can I expect to remember more than three things at a time on the list? Not me!!!

I think the funniest story of the afternoon was getting the police station. Jeanne asked me if I had one—nope! Off we go to the Sand Creek satellite station. Pulling into the “authorized vehicle only” driveway (okay, we pulled in to get out of traffic, not up with the vehicles) and were talking about shooting the image—can we get the sign and/or police station in the shot? Hmmm….the light comes on…a bright idea…..just pull up next to the sign!

I can do that by either riding down the sidewalk or in traffic along the edge of the road. Hey, I’m all about safety so up the sidewalk I go! Come to find out after the fact….that I could have gotten a ticket for riding my motorcycle on the sidewalk….LOL. Jeanne’s yelling at me as I ride away!! LOL. Well, I’ve committed to this crime, so I just do like a thief in the night—hop off the bike, shoot the image, and drive off.

Of course, Jeanne pulls up behind me on the sidewalk as well….she’s saying “you know we are going to get busted, you know my luck, I’ll get a ticket and it’ll be all your fault….BECAUSE WE ARE IN FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION….”

My partner in crime for the day!!

Uhhhh…could be, maybe, possibly so….so let me hurry up and shoot the image and get the heck off the sidewalk then!!


Other items: mall, bakery, post office, flag pole, furniture store, billboard (yes guys, its one word—I had bill board on the “official” list) and whole lot of other items. One last item: The World Arena. Thank goodness that there wasn’t an event going on—the parking lot was empty. Jeanne pulls her bike up in front of the building and takes her shot. I, on the other hand, want the image in front of the big honking sign…so once again I’m up on the walkway!!

Hey, it was a cool shot….see….

Enough scavenger hunting done….dinner it is. There’s a new restaurant in town….the Orange Oasis. Don’t go there….this is a one-hit wonder. The food writer at the Gazette must have been daft in the head to have written the review he did because it was NOT all that!!

Scavenger hunting and dinner done, I point my Fatboy north and head home. At this point, it is past 9 PM…so basically it was an all day in the saddle day. This motorcycle rider’s bootie is tired….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Beaker said...

Hey Christine,

This scavenger hunting sounds like fun - it is a pity us non-Coloradicals (??) can't participate in it - unless of course you modify it for your interstate / international friends!!!!

Can you post the list somewhere so the rest of us non-participants have an idea of what you are all searching for?? I may even attempt to collect some photos along similar lines!!

ellopez said...

i laughed out loud picturing you two playing at the cop house. I bet the cops inside were enjoying your playing also.
hmmmm? that is an interesting idea. A scavenger hunt for us writer/riders.
Reading you makes me enjoy writing/riding more betta, so thanks C.

Christine said...

Yeah, Beaker, I'll get the list up in the next few's soo much fun!!

Biker Betty said...

Hey Christine,
You have such interesting police stories (lol). Sounded like fun, though.