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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Don’t Watch Me…Watch Where You Are GOING

That’s kind of important when you are driving.  I had a rare opportunity to get out for a Monday ride—my son was at his dad’s and I had errands to run.  Mr. Chubbs and I needed to make up for some bonding time that we missed out over the weekend.  Besides, I need gas in my van and I HATE GETTING GAS!!  

Okay, all thinly-veiled excuses to get out and ride!  Which I took complete advantage of.  I’ll admit it!!  I had errands to run, the temps were in the 70’s and it was a gorgeous day.

While I was at a traffic signal, I had a nice “red-light” chat with a couple in the next lane.  It was an elderly couple and the wife rolled down her window and was commenting on my bike.  She was asking me about the engine size of the Fatboy and wanting to know if I found it difficult to ride.  It was a nice two minute chat!!  

Errands done, I headed home--east on Austin Bluffs.  Evidently I found the one fellow that must not have ever seen a girl on a Harley because he ran over the curb watching me.  WATCH the road dude….you might run over a car, motorcyclist or pedestrian!!

As tempted as I was to say out and ride a bit more, I headed home.  I just had too much homework to do…sigh.   I just took the long way home and enjoyed that little scoot!

I know that there are some people that won’t fire up their motorcycle for a short in-town scoot.  I will because I do like riding in town.  It gives me a chance to work on those types of riding skills.  No, not as much fun as riding the twisties, but it is just as valuable practice to ride amongst the traffic.

Besides, I didn’t have gas in my van…hey, any “excuse” works for me!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Biker Betty said...

Who needs an excuse to ride? I just make up errands and GOOO!!

Well, I'm sure that guy who ran off the road wasn't the same one who about rear ended someone when he spotted me. I was turning onto Acadamy when he spotted me and wasn't paying attention to traffic. I heard a screech of tires and I bet his heart had to of missed a beat or two out of it. I don't think he'll ever get distracted again. I guess some of these guys haven't been out much (lol), Ive seen plenty of women out on motorcycles around here.

Safe Travels, Betty :)

KT Did said...

I love those 2 minute chats at the signal. One of the reasons I love to ride. Being a woman and riding your bike(s) is still mysterious to some guys, expecially when you are cute and riding a big one...glad he didn't hit anyone. Have fun riding...

Beaker said...

I feel that I have learnt much more about riding on my daily 30 minute commute into and out of the city than I ever would have learnt on the open road. Kind of hones your defensive riding skills - and you meet people at the lights!!