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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Myrtle Beach: The Rally

Was it Only One Day?

It seemed like it was more than one day…LOL!! The day started late—to gray and overcast skies. Great….rain. Fortunately, the weather forecast was that the skies would clear and it would be a great day. So, if there is no riding, then hey, I’m all for grabbing breakfast.

One thing about Myrtle Beach is the abundance of swim shops, Hooters (yes, this little tidbit of information caught the eye of our little group), and pancake houses. You know you are in trouble when you see chocolate chip pancakes on the menu!!! LOL…. I didn’t have them, but one of the riders in our group is a chocolate fanatic…so you know what he had!!!

The skies did clear up, so we set off to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center to get the official HOG event pin. I’m a pin collector so this chick is happy! It also garnered free entry into the mini-swap meet in the convention center. Free is always good!!!

The Myrtle Beach Convention Center

There wasn’t much to see so wandering around looking at the vendor stuff didn’t take much time. It was amazing to see the three off-road riders that were performing riding stunts. It was amazing to watch them do the aerial stunts…inside, on the slick floor with very limited space! Besides the WOW and OMG factors, the thought “you know, that is someone’s child doing those stunts” crossed my mind. YIKES!!!

Must….keep….Alex (my son)….far….away!!!

None of my images of the stunt riding turned out. I was having an off camera day.

Pin collected and stunt riding done, we wandered out to the next stop… the Harley dealership. That was one packed parking lot!! Motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles for days!!! And vendor booths hawking everything imaginable for days!! Whoooohoooooo…..feeding this girl’s need to shop AND for motorcycle stuff!!! Can’t get any better than that (or so you’d think).

Look at the Sea of Bikes!!!

I did manage to pick up my hip purse….red leather with fringe. My girlfriends have black…so you know I can’t have the same thing…imagine my happiness in finding red!! I see rhinestones in the future (grins). “Official” rally pin in hand, I’m a happy camper. I also spot some cool chrome accessories but I am reminded that we came via bike so I’m space limited.

After the pin stops and purchase of the BTDT T-shirt next thing on the agenda was the Pudding Wrestling at the Rat Hole. Yes, said that right…pudding wrestling. For the record, no, I did not participate. I knew I was going to be teamed up with the 300 pound woman!!! No, thanks, I don’t want to be squashed like a bug.

The pudding wrestling was interesting. Get a swimming pool, put chocolate pudding in, cut it with water and add a bunch of women clad in white tank tops and shorts to wrestle for a pot of $500+ dollars…hmmmmm…it was entertaining!!! Very not for me, lol…

Chocolate pudding wrestling done, we headed out to the Suck Bang Blow Bar to watch the burn out. Why someone does something like that to a motorcycle is beyond me…but it sure is cool to watch! Especially when you add lighter fluid and set it on fire!!

Fire....not necessarily good...but pretty cool nonetheless!

With the rain blowing in, we decided to head out and call it a night. It was a heck of a downpour coming in and no way did any of our group want to be caught in it….besides we head back to the hotel we can throw back a few brews and not worry about riding.

Sunday, we headed out with all the rest of the traffic…par for the course. Close the chapter on Myrtle Beach. It was a fun time, really cool bikes to look at and of course, pudding wrestling. What more can you ask for *grins*…..

This weekend: Rolling Thunder in Washington DC. I’ll see my girlfriend Karla who did the run from California….I can’t wait to hear her stories!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Steve Johnson said...

Thanks for the rally report. I like reading these.

ellopez said...

yes. thanks very much for the "blow by blow" update of your rally. For those of us who can't make it there, you are the best reporter and i look forward to your next report...

Giest said...

Great report Christine! I really enjoyed it. I do have a question you have a larger version of the burn out picture? I love that shot and would love to get a copy of it!

Christine said...

You guys are welcome! Giest..if you want the image, you are welcome to it...drop me a line at and I'll get it to you!!! Have a great one!!

Biker Betty said...

Sounded like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing it with us.