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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Now THAT’S A Ride!

Last night I had the honor of going to an awards dinner for my friend’s daughter, Lil’ Bit. Lil’ Bit is a high-school junior. It was wonderful to see the kids get their awards—just the enthusiasm and energy of high schoolers was just great to see!

We had ten to our table and I thoroughly enjoyed with the guests I sat with. What a terrific way to meet new people!! My girlfriend had told me that her daughter would probably not win an award; to my delight—she did!! Congrats to Lil’ Bit on being recognized for all her hard work!!

The guest speaker was none other than Duane Carey, pilot for the Space Shuttle Columbia. Now, I’ve always been the geek and love science, so when he got up to speak, I was mesmerized! It was so neat to hear the narration of his mission along with the video presentation. What made it over the top was the fact that his mission was for the March, 2002, servicing of the Hubble Telescope! Yes, this red motorcycle rider was enthralled!! I don’t think my grin could have gotten any bigger during the whole presentation!! Whoooo hooooooo!!

The presentation came to an end much too quickly and there was a short question and answer session. The audience asked lots of interesting questions concerning spaced travel. Sadly, the dinner came to an end and it was time to go. However, our little group hung around a bit to chit-chat with the other guests. I had a chance to speak with Lt. Col. Carey which made a perfect close to a fantastic evening!

Why is this story here on Christine’s Corner? There’s no reference to anything regarding motorcycles except my blurb on the motorcycle rider in red being there. Well, come to find out, Lt. Col. Carey carried the AMA flag with him on the mission. Not only is he a pilot of one of the coolest pieces of machinery in the world, he’s a motorcycle rider!! Now, how cool is that? See, there is a motorcycle connection, after all!

I don’t know how I always seem to have these great experiences, but I’m certainly glad I do!! I was honored that I was allowed to share the awards ceremony with my friend and her family, enjoy the company of the wonderful people at our table, heard the fantastic story of the Columbia mission (to the Hubble Telescope no less!!!!!), and have a tie in with motorcycles!!

Gotta love it!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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ellopez said...

great story c. thanks for sharing. I knew it. i knew it. the motorcycle is the center piece for the best things of life and your reporting is one of those best things. thanks again.