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Monday, May 01, 2006


The official news can be broadcast…

Nicole finally got her new bike!!!  Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

She’s on a Honda Shadow 750.  Red too….

Nicole was a victim of blind buying.  I’m not going to fault her; she got bad advice and took it without realizing it was bad advice.

She has another bike—I believe it’s a 550.  About 900 years old too!  Really, not that old, but I do know that it’s an “older” bike made from, um, steel.  All steel, weighs way too much and way to difficult to ride.  Her advice:  it’s a good sized starter bike…and a good deal.

The bike was an eBay purchase and yes, it was an excellent deal.  Until she got it out on the street and realized that it was not a good fit for her.  Too many close calls for an inexperienced rider on a bike that was uncomfortable with almost turned her off to riding altogether.   She did the smart thing and got off the road and waited.  And shopped.  

This time she did it the right way.  She shopped bikes and talked to the female riders in our group.  When she made the decision on the model and size, she was ready to pull the trigger.  Now it was a matter of finding what it was that she wanted.  Of course, she did and how!!

Yowza Nicole, it’s a beautiful bike and loaded out!!  I am so happy for you!  Every time a new bike would come into the MSR family my first question was always “is it Nicole”?  Well, this time it was and I’m thrilled for her!!!!

Congrats girl!  What a start to a beautiful relationship…..a girl and her bike!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Steve Johnson said...

"Really, not that old, but I do know that it’s an “older” bike made from, um, steel. All steel, weighs way too much and way to difficult to ride."

The remark kinda sounds as if the Honda Shadow 750 is made from something other than steel. To the best of my knowledge, it's frame is made of steel as well. No?

However, the 750 does have a lot of plastic parts, which may lighten it up compared to her other bike. It also has one of the lowest seat-heights.

Nonetheless, the Honda Shadow 750 is a great starter bike for guys and gals. A nice pick.

Christine said...

Exactly!! The "other" parts are plastic, aluminum, help with the weight. Her old bike was not!!

Plus the design made the center of gravity higher.

It was just not a good selection for her!!

Now, she's happy!!!

Biker Betty said...

I saw the picture of the bike and it's a beauty. She doesn't seem to be lacking for anything. It appears to have loads of extras, some of which I had. Congrats Nicole!!! :)