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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Mother’s Day Run

8:00AM was the magical hour for yesterday. Headed down to Perkins for our monthly Mountain Shadow Rider’s meeting. I get in early enough to eat breakfast and visit with the members. WOW!! Lots of new faces!!!

I didn’t take a one photo :-(.

The meeting was a short and sweet one; we wanted to get out and over to Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson for the Mother’s Day Run. Originally, the magic number was six—Christine E, Jeanne, Patricia, Nina, a new rider (I can’t remember her name—she’s on a Red Vulcan) and myself. Yes, a pack of six girls doing the run! It’s all good, I’m not leading!!!

At the dealership we were so late that most everyone was gone—so it was draw our cards, a couple of ladies ask to ride in so they join our group and we ride out!!!

Christine E is leading the pack and it is a nice jaunt through town. First stop: Java the Hut in Woodland Park. It is a beautiful day with warm temps—perfect—riding weather!! The ride up to Woodland Park is always fun, some twisties and climbing up into the mountains.

Once we get to Woodland Park, we meet up with the other folks we were to ride with. Steve and Benny are out in the parking lot and razz us for being so late. Err…we aren’t late….we just took a little longer getting out! Cards punched coffee smelled, saddle up and away we go.

The game is a blind poker hand….at the beginning I was given an envelope with a card inside and the game was to go to stop to stop and draw a chip out of the bag. Whichever chip you drew got your card punched in the corresponding spot. So it’s a poker hand, except you have no idea what you have…until they open the envelope and score the sheet.

Next stop: The candy store. I see where this is headed…coffee shop first, candy store next and then ice cream shop. Yeah, we’ll all be buzzing. I was eating a particularly wonderful piece of toffee while I was standing in the parking lot. Patricia said I looked like I was in heaven. Yeah….toffee and chocolate—gooooood!!!

We were a bit confused on the next stop, so Steve agreed to take the lead. I think at this point we had eleven bikes. Off we went and promptly left Jeanne and Benny. They finally caught us—whew!!

The next stop was the Cold Stone Creamery so Leafer is tooling down the roads. We get to the parking lot—and enter in. Okay, I’m thinking that this is possibly a short cut? A way to avoid traffic?? Hmmmmm. We pull up to Stone Cold Creamery.

It’s the wrong one!!!

Well, he got us there, alright…just not the right “there”!!!

No worries, we just all laugh at him and get back on the road. If you know Steve, you know he’s funny as can be and a really nice man. I’ve ridden with him on several occasions. He always teases me about riding on the back of my bike…I dunno…something about be having nice handles to grab on to. Yeah, we’ll let that remark slide!

Get to the ice cream shop—our group and the sweep team pull in together. So we are a bit lost and confused but get there at any rate. I ignore the temptation of all that ice cream calling my name..get my enveloped punched and get the &%## out!!

Down to the dealership—lunch and chatting with my fellow riders is the focus of the afternoon. It was fun, lots of prizes, great food, and of course a fun ride. Nina won this great gift basket!!

On an end note, it was great to see Nina. I haven’t seen her since Halloween and hadn’t ridden with her since the Breast Cancer Ride. Sadly, she’s leaving soon so we are all going to get together and do a lunch and a ride. What a way to send off one of your girlfriends, eh?? I think it’s great!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Biker Betty said...

Sure sounded like a "yummy" ride. Glad everyone had fun. I saw you and Jeanne go by me some time around 2-2:30. I didn't see you till after you both had past and it was too late to wave. I was in my Boy Scout uniform trying to wave people into our troop rummage sale on the corner of Circle and Mazeland. You both were heading south on Circle. Looked like you were having fun!!!

ellopez said...

going with you on your rides from the comfort of my office is a treat. thanks for taking me. I can't imagine our club meeting at reads like you all had a real "sweet" ride.