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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rolling Thunder: The Ride Up

I do not think it could have been a prettier day! The only exception would be the teeny tinier issue of a bit too much heat—LOL—after all the cold I’ve ridden in, I’ll take the heat any day of the week!!

The Destination: Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day weekend in our nation’s capital. Number of riders: four on two motorcycles. The other female in our group of four has never been on the back of a motorcycle. Oh boy….and she’s going to be on a three hour trip on the back of a motorcycle. I’m thinking that it’ll be interesting if anything!!

Once again, I am allotted my half T-bag space. Not to worry, I take what I need with a bit of room to spare. If I’m not mistaken, I think I did end up with a couple of items of clothing that came back as clean as they left!

Must have meant I took too much gear, eh??

Coming from Virginia Beach means riding through a tunnel

As I was on the back, I was designated the “official” photographer of this event for our motorcycle. Which also translates to “have to pay attention”…..Rats, I was really looking forward to being bungeed in and taking a nap! Well, I won’t go that far….

Motorcycle with an ocean view *grins*

Okay, so I have to pay attention enough to take advantage of photo opportunities. Fair enough. Heck, I it is Rolling Thunder!!! Whoooooo hooooooooo!!!

The ride up to DC was a nice trip and I spent a good bit of time jamming to the tunes on my iPod and waving at the folks as we went by. Alright, I admit, I am having way too much fun waving at all the cars, motorcycles and people to be thinking about taking pictures. My wonderful host and front seat driver wasn’t too annoyed at my antics and didn’t fuss much at my wiggliness and moving around.

Of course, getting to Fredericksburg wasn’t too much of an ordeal—unless you are annoyed with the traffic. Yes, it was east coast traffic at its finest. It was pretty horrendous as far as any traffic that I’m accustomed to. I think this was one time I was actually glad to not be on the front!

Except I had to hear the griping about the traffic. Of course, it’s all a wash. I griped about my back-seat status and my partner in crime griped about the traffic. I think it was pretty much a wash. No, wait, I think he griped more…..ha ha ha!!!

Up until this point, I have not seen the big “R” word….rain. We’ve been watching the clouds develop the further north we get, but until this point, it’s been dry. That dry spell of course, is asking to be broken. Oh yes, we did get rain!! Thank goodness I did bring my raingear so a stop under the token interstate bridge gets a quick change. Unfortunately, my friends didn’t have their gear, so they got soaked. Still, I have to give props to my other girlfriend rider—she was new on the back of a bike. Heck, she was new on a bike period! What a heck of an initiation!!

Fortunately, the rain did not last long and didn’t add too many problems with the amount of traffic. Well, the traffic was a nightmare to begin with, so the rain didn’t really compound the issue significantly.

I will admit (and this is a big step—a girl admitting to anything), that I was really glad not to be riding my own in the traffic we were in!! My friend will probably never let me hear the end of that, so we won’t tell him…so shhhhhhhhhhhhh………..

Hotel found, check in complete and we get out for short jaunt—to meet up for dinner with my Run For The Wall friend Karla to catch up on the road gossip and find out some details about Rolling Thunder and the schedule for Saturday and Sunday. We do manage to get out to a couple of hot spots in Arlington—for the most part, it is an early night in to prepare for the activities for the rest of the weekend.
Oh, and least I forget...I couldn't resist for all the griping I did and the good-natured spirit of humor....


Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine *grins*


Biker Betty said...

Wow, sounds like fun. I can't wait to see the pictures.

KT Did said...

Okay, waiting...tap....tap...tap... for the second installment.

Its good to be on the back sometimes and take a break and just enjoy...However,I think you would have fun on roller skates, tied to a bungee behind a bike! Ha!

Giest said...

loving the breakdown, Christine. awaiting the next installment. hope you have a great time!