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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ladies of Harley: May Meeting

Tuesday evening was a nice change of pace: I got to spend dinner with the Ladies of Harley (LOH). It’s always a pleasant affair; the ladies are a diverse and funny group of women. Surprisingly, there’s quite a few riders in comparison to ladies that ride on the back of…..not that being on the back is a bad thing, I’ll do it on occasion *smile*.

Tonight we covered the various topics and projects that are in the pipeline; a task that we normally do. However, tonight was also the compiling of the Harley Owner’s Group newsletter. A good many of us stayed after the meeting to so it could be mailed to the members.

While we were preparing the newsletter, the main topic of conversation was (naturally) riding! We talked about various rides and routes, who rides on dirt (me me me), rider stories and drops. What I find interesting is that I just posted a story on my drop and had brought that into the conversation tonight.

My fellow rider, Christine E. (I’m Christine F, by the way) disagreed on the ‘sitting on the side of the road and waiting’ statement. Evidently her experience wasn’t as pleasant as mine since her wait for assistance was quite a bit longer than mine. That’s too bad, of course, since all the experiences I’ve had concerning riding are for the most part pleasant. Naturally, since its Chris E, I couldn’t resist some good-natured ribbing!

While the atmosphere of the LOH is much different than the Mountain Shadow Riders, I still enjoy it because of the dynamics of the group. They are a great bunch of diverse personalities! I’ve yet to ride with them, however. That should change shortly as we are all going to do the Mother’s Day Run in a few weeks. The poker run is an interesting setup; one that I have not seen.

Hmmm…maybe then I’ll have a chance to actually win something!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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