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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bents Old Fort

Our Sunday ride was to Bent’s Old Fort. Located 110 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, Old Fort Bent was a trading post on the trade network on the Santa Fe Trail. The Santa Fe Trail opened in 1821 and was on a route first traveled by the American Indians.

We had four riders: Jeanne, Benny, Leafer, and me. We talked about the route and the destination, saddled up and rode off. Leafer was the “appointed” leader since he knew where we were going!

The ride out was nice…the temps were cool enough to warrant jackets and gloves. Still, the sunshine was nice early and it was great to get out on the open road and ride!!! We rode out on the plains side, so it was more straight line riding—which is great. Feeds the need for speed….which is not as fun as the twisties, but still goooooood!

I had about a half of tank of gas and knew I could make it down to Fort Bent. Of course, I didn’t realize that Leafer was going to take the extra long route, so when my needle dropped down towards empty; I reminded Leafer that I needed to get gas. He said thirty miles…and then we could stop. I hadn’t flipped over to reserve….but it was going to be close.

I didn’t run out of gas, but we all got a huge laugh at the gas pump when I filled up. I had to been on fumes…considering I got more fuel in my tank than the tank is designed for!!

How'd I do that??

It’s always something, isn’t it??

Scavenger Hunt pic: Fort Bent

The whole trip down to Fort Bent was for the Scavenger Hunt. Since we are down there, we have to tour the facility. Leafer has lived in Colorado some twenty plus years and has never been!! It was a new experience for the four of us. It was really cool to wander around the compound. The compound itself is a reconstruction from notes and drawings from Lt. James Albert back in 1846.

The compound served as a trading post and a stop for travelers and a storage facility for the military.

Now THAT'S what I call a tool room!!

The Trade Room

Liquor Storage

Officer's Quarters: Look at the size of that bed...yikes!!

Enlisted sleeping quarters: okay the small bed doesn't look so bad.....

I don’t know about you, but I do know that I’m quite the modern girl. Yeah, give me the comforts of modern suburbia…

Let me out!

Where's the microwave??

However, it is pretty cool to see the historical things of this state. I’m glad that I didn’t take twenty years before making out this way.

The ride back was nice, I got to lead most of the way. Leafer and I had a deal—he led the way down, I led the route back.

Two hundred sixty miles for the day. I’ll take it!! On the way up Powers, I noticed the odometer....I just turned over 10,000 miles...back in the shop my Fatboy goes....I just had it in for maintenance the end of March.....

Keep They Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Biker Betty said...

So glad the ride went well. That's one place I should be able to get to eventually. I've been on other countryside's getting scavanger pics and just enjoying the ride.

Safe Travels, Betty :)

James said...

You might want to report that station for a bad meter. With the prices going up you would think the gas stations are doing well but the high prices are hurting them. And they are doing what they can to increase profit. The gas companies are making most of the money while the gas stations' profits are declining. The same thing happened to me, contact your state's board of weights and measures.

KT Did said...

You are sure one riding chick-a-dee! Glad you had a safe ride and interesting one too. Do report that have a pic to prove it up. In any case, looking forward to the next ride!

Steve Johnson said...

Concerning the gas tank issue, I had the same thing happen. I put in 5.2 gallons into a 5.0 gallon tank.

I suspect the pump was deliberately miscalibrated to the station's favor. Someone suggested to me that Harley measures the size of the tank based on when a gas nozzle automatically shuts off. I'm not sure about that.