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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

Everyone that owns a motorcycle knows that the purchase price of the bike is just the beginning.  It’s almost as bad as college for your child (if you have had that experience, you know…..and if you don’t then well….good luck to you)!


The 10k maintenance on my Fatboy is here.  Took me roughly six weeks to get here!!  Time passes way too quickly!!!  Either that or I should not ride as much—which is NOT going to happen….

So it’s scheduled.  I have it in before my Colorado ride vacation so I’ll be prepped to go.  At least where the bike is concerned.  Unlike my Myrtle Beach and DC trip, I’ll have the entire T-Bag…LOL!!!  

The other stuff on the list concerns putting pullback risers on my Fatboy.  You know, I know I need to do it, but due to the number of choices out there it is an impossibility to make a quick decision.  Compounded with the fact that there isn’t a good way to “try before you buy” process….well, I want to do it right the first time.  If anything for the protection of my pocketbook!  That and the fact that I don’t necessarily want to disassemble my motorcycle any more than necessary.  

I’ve also been looking at highway pegs as well.  I’m happy not having crash bars on my bike and would be happy to keep them off.   I have the crash bars in my garage and have been in no hurry to put them on.   Kuryakyn has a highway peg set up that mounts to the floorboards.  

Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching….

The list goes on…luggage rack, lighting, and a whole host of things I refuse to think about because then I’ll want to put them on!!  

Ahhhh well, one thing at a time!  It’s all good!!!

Well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Keep the Shiny Side Up

~The Rainbow Wahine

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Giest said...

i hear ya, christine. my list grows ever longer while, oddly enough, my paycheck stays the same. i need a serious raise in order to get my baby the way i want her...why can't they understand that?