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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Biker Betty and Me—Down Highway 24

I finally had a chance to ride with Betty yesterday and whoooohooooo we burned quite a few miles!!  My trip odometer said 349.7 miles when it was all said and done.  I pulled in after dark!  Leaving at 9:00 AM and pulling in after 9:00 PM—what a great day.

It was good to get out with just one rider….we stopped and putted every few hundred feet—or so it seemed.  We had discussed Scavenger Hunting and decided on a route.  I knew that I wanted to get the North Pole, Cave of the Winds, and the base of Pike’s Peak.  It drives me crazy every time I passed those items and know I don’t have them, so I decided I should quit driving myself crazy!!

Being that those three things are on Highway 24, we just started down that road.  With the time issue and our ever-growing trip, we did manage North Pole and Pike’s Peak, but blew past Cave of the Winds.  It was on the “other” side of the highway and I wanted to be on the road!  

It’s funny—just about every Scavenger Hunt stop we did (except for the side of the road highway ones)…ended up being a big stop as we kept finding stuff to get!!  Of course, I know that we ended up missing more stuff too!  That just means that we’ll have to go back.  Which is good, in my opinion.  Riding Highway 24 is fun.

I’m thinking that I have a big bull’s eye on my motorcycle.  Sunday it was a mini-van in the parking lot—who saw the rider in front of me but not me.  I saw them and stopped as they didn’t see me.   Yesterday it was a car that decided that they needed to pass…and driving head on in my lane to do the pass.  It was fine to do so…except I had a minor problem being in the lane!!

No accident, thank goodness, but really…what’s the hurry?  To get somewhere five minutes early??  LOL.  We let cars pass us and enjoyed our leisurely trip “going that a-way”….

I had ridden Highway 24 on Sunday, but I knew Betty needed the pass, so we stopped.  I had intended to head out to Florissant and then do the Scavenger Hunting there, Cripple Creek and Canon City.  Ha ha ha…we never made it there.  Instead we did Buena Vista, Leadville, Copper, Frisco Bay, Breckenridge, Fairplay, and then back on Highway 24.  

We had sun, clouds and a bit of rain.  No snow, thank goodness!  We rode on pavement and a bit of dirt too.  My clean shiny motorcycle is no longer clean and shiny!!  

The overall trip was fantastic!  Betty does exceptionally well on her V-Star—yes, it is the baby version and I had to help her pull it out of a dirt rut.  No worries…she had to help me push the big honkin’ Harley out of her driveway!!!  LOL…stuck before we even started!!!

I’m sure she’ll be telling her story…as soon as she gets back from her week long camping trip.  It was my fault that she didn’t get a chance to post something up before leaving—I think it was due to someone keeping her out on the road all darn day and half the night!!

Well, that’s my post for the day….I’ll put the trip details in the next coming days.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Mustang said...

wow.. thats a neat distance to clock one day.. my longest ive written with my club is about 600kms, thats like 360miles. but then it alongside 25 bullets. Come july 1, im riding to kerala which is about 700 + kms..the last 300 odd kms wil be in the rain ....lets see how that comes up..

Riding up the mountains? are you talking about offroading or are there roads to reach the top.

Christine said...

On my Harley? LOL...ONROAD!! He he he...there are roads up the mountain passes..

But I've been known to ride a dirt road or two...LOL...but as a, not on my Mr. Chubbs.

Mr. Althouse said...

Hey christine, check these out!