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Monday, June 05, 2006

Officially Summertime: The Blood Run

Finally!  Summertime.  Bar-be-ques.  Fishing.  Softball.  Motorcycling.  

Well, unless you are the Rainbow Wahine; then motorcycling is a year ‘round event!  I have not had much saddle time since I’ve been back from Virginia, but don’t worry—a day doesn’t go by that I’m not thinking or talking about some motorcycle related activity.

I finally got the details for The Mountain Shadow Rider’s Blood Run.  Sounds like something we would do for Halloween, eh??  He he he!!!

Seriously, the warm season is finally upon us, the snow is more or less off the Rocky Mountains and I’ve seen plenty of motorcycles on the road!   Unfortunately, with the increased number of riders, the number of accidents motorcyclists are involved is increases proportionally.  While more riders equals more awareness, it also means more opportunities for accidents.

The accident numbers are sobering.  According to 2004 crash statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,008 motorcycle fatalities and 76,000 motorcycle-related injuries.  An increase of eight percent and 14 percent, respectively.  

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we are all aware (or at least we SHOULD be) of the increased risk of injury when riding.  Chances are, if you are involved in an accident, blood loss is involved.  Several Mountain Shadow Rider members brought up the idea for a blood drive that would benefit accident victims.  One problem that was visited was the fact that Colorado doesn’t allow for specific blood banking.  However, the members discussed the idea in detail and determined that blood is a critical product and whether it goes toward a motorcyclist or non-motorcyclist, we are helping our community.

Considering that only five percent of eligible donors eligible to give blood do so.   For Colorado Springs, Memorial Hospital is the designated trauma hospital and (on average) transfuses 750 pints of blood per month.    Memorial Hospital also has the busiest Emergency Department within the state of Colorado.  

Bottom line:  We need an adequate blood supply.

So here are the details:

     Activity:       Women On Wheels® MSR Blood Run
     Date:          August 12, 2006
     Time:           Noon to 4 PM
     Location:     Memorial Hospital Administration Center
               2420 East Pikes Peak
               Between Union and Circle
               In the Cafeteria at the North West entrance
               Click the link for a map
The Blood Run is scheduled after our monthly chapter meeting, so if anyone is interested in attending our meeting (and we have a lot of FUN) and going for a short ride down to the center, come join us at Perkin’s Restaurant at Powers and Constitution.  This ain’t no fluff tea party girly girl riding organization, folks.  We do believe in having fun, but it’s all about educating and supporting all motorcycle activities.  We just happen to be a bunch of women (and a few smart male support members too).

My thanks to Taunya for presenting the idea and a thank you shout out for all the other members who are working hard to make this project a success.  I’d also like to thank the Memorial Hospital IT Department for graciously volunteering their facility to hold the drive.

If you are interested in participating, have questions and/or want to schedule a time slot for the donation, please drop me a line here, e-mail Taunya or the Mountain Shadow Riders.  

If you are in the vicinity, I ask that you join us to participate in this community service.  I hear of motorcycle accidents that involve my friends and friends of friends almost on a daily basis now.  As a motorcycle community, we pride ourselves on our generosity—and the support we show for our causes are evident everywhere.  This is one cause that benefits our group as a whole.  

If you are not in the area, then consider having your own blood run for your community.   Drop us a line if you would like information on starting your own Blood Run.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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