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Friday, June 23, 2006

Monday’s Ride: Leadville to Colorado Springs

Continuing on….

Heading out of Leadville, Betty and I continued cruising northward.  The sky wasn’t too happy looking and I am uneasy with the message the sky is sending.  Especially in light of the motorcyclist that was killed a few days ago by a lightning strike.  

As I’m leading down the road, I notice mile marker 1…..hey….I have mile marker 6 for the Scavenger Hunt, but I know Betty doesn’t…so here we go.  As we pass the markers, I’m counting them and at six we pull over.  I have the image, but I shoot one anyway.  

We mount back up and head on up the road.  I have a mental note to stop at the Continental Divide…it’s on the list as well.  I know it’s the on the road that I’m on and am looking for it.  Little did I know that the marker is in the middle of a mining pit that smells awful!  I decided to putt past it and catch another marker later.  Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize that there were slag piles on the pit and I need those too!!  Sigh.

Rounding the bend, we come up on Copper Mountain Ski resort.  I like skiing Copper.  This time of year there’s no snow, but hey…Ski Resort.  I have an image from A-Basin from Sunday, but I’m liking this shot more!  Besides, I knew Betty needs it as well.

After the image is shot, I pull the handy-dandy map out (yes, although I’m the lost girl I do have a map and use it on occasion).  We decide to head down to Frisco.  Unbeknownst to me, Frisco holds a treasure trove of Scavenger Hunt items!  I should have known, since I rode through it the day before.  Oh well, they do call me the lost girl…for not paying attention!!

Frisco is a really neat mountain resort town.  Again, I find myself wishing for extra time to get out and explore the sights.  Just another place to mark in my book to get out and do at a later time.  All our Scavenger Hunt items are in close proximity of one another; so it was easy.   I took a couple of cool other shots as well…one being in front of the Marina sign.  I couldn’t resist…something about pulling on the sidewalk!!

Across the street from the marina was…..a cemetery!   While I’m waiting for Betty to get organized, I see a great shot in my rearview…Betty and her bike…I think it’s a great memento image!

Once again we are on the road and headed down to Breckenridge.  We had decided to make it a snack stop so I knew we’d be pulling in.  As I’m heading into town, I spot the sign for the Riverwalk.  You guessed it..Scavenger Hunt!  That’s an image I don’t have so I pull in, take the shot.  This is on Betty has so she’s off shooting another treasure find that’s around the corner.  

Our stop involved ice cream and apple pie…Betty has this great Motorcycle Weight Loss diet post on her blog…and here I am circumventing it!  As we sit and chat and eat, the clouds start rolling in.  We decide to get up and going or face a wait out.  I want to get back on the road—it’s getting late and we still have Hoosier Pass to cross.  

We did catch some of the rain!  Naturally it had to do with Murphy’s Law.  I didn’t put my rain gear on.  Had I have put it on, it wouldn’t have rained.  Go figure.  Navigating Hoosier Pass is fun and I’m watching the twisties and the side of the road.  I’ve already passed the Continental Divide twice in the past two days and I don’t want to blow past it again.  Paying attention paid off…I find the marker and get the image.  Hey…there happens to be a log cabin too………..

Our next stop is Fairplay…and South Park City.  South Park City gets its notoriety from the cartoon South Park.  Okay, it’s a very small town, but nevertheless, we find a lot of stuff and have fun riding around looking!

After Fairplay, it is a straight ride in…we have one more stop in Divide…so I can catch my phone messages and Betty gas up.  I’m also happy to be riding Hwy 24 again….riding those stretches of twisties down is a blast and I put the Fatboy around the corners like a mad woman.  Yes, I’m safe, but gosh, it’s so much fun to lean this way and lean that way…….

Back in the Springs, I note the mileage…350 miles and the time….after 9:00 PM.  It was a full day’s ride.  Lots of stops and a lot of fun.  Betty did a great job and I was glad to have ridden with her.  I hope that we’ll have the opportunity to get out again soon.

Well, that was Monday’s trip.  

My friends are pulling into Estes Park tonight!  Whoooohoooooo…the Colorado Motorcycle Vacation is about to begin.  My girlfriend called me last night…and asked….am I ready???  Nope…I suppose I do need to pack *grins*.  It’s all good…I’ll be ready.  

I’m bringing my laptop along since I have homework next week… I’m looking to post on the road.  

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


ellopez said...

thanks for the excellent play by play. can't wait to see the pics and am looking forward to on the road posts.
ride safe

Mustang said...

cool ride and a neat write up...the advantages of riding with a ride partner. this time i should try getting some pictures...

ride safe

KT Did said...

I have missed a lot! You two on a great ride! Pics!