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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Something Else: Tools, tools, tools…

Well, I figured out what I forgot to list on my “have to have” list….a tool kit…

My girlfriend The Blonde Smoothie says all she needs is her cell phone. Well, that may be true, it is a vital item to carry with you…but in the event that you have a minor issue (such as a loose thingamabob)…you do need a bit more than a nail file.

So I started looking…and looking…and looking.

Alright, I’m a girl, and I do have tools, but I’m not a guy and am a die hard tool collector. If I need something, I’ll go get it. It also means that if I take what I have out of my garage and put it on my motorcycle, I won’t have it in my garage tool box…and well, that gets just too complicated to have to remember where what is.

Now I need more tools. Of course, the wonderful folks at Harley Davidson will be more than happy to sell me an “official” Harley Davidson tool kit for my bike. For way more than I want to pay. That leaves either putting together my own tool kit or buying an aftermarket kit.

There are several aftermarket kits available…

For the same amount of money that Harley Davidson charges (actually more or less depending on the number of tools you “want”), you can look at CruzTOOLS. They also have various cool multitools and other things. I didn’t dig around to find out exactly the brand of tools used, but what I liked about their site was you could actually download a list of tools that are included in their various kits.

If you already have a tool kit started and maybe bring it up to speed, get the list. Also, CruzTOOLS sells the pouches only—including the tear-drop shaped bag that will fit in the tear-drop shaped Softail tool box. Another great resource of information is from the folks over at the IBA. In their Tech House Archives is a tool list from the late Ron Major. His list is extensive and probably overkill for my friend the Blonde Smoothie! Actually, there’s a great wealth of information from the IBA’s Archives—from packing, riding, tools….you name it, it’s there.

Then there’s Sears. I found a motorcycle tool kit that Sears has put together. Unfortunately, there isn’t a list of what’s in the kit…I guess that keeps people from putting a list of Craftsman tools together on your own might be a little tougher!! I think it warrants a look-see, however, so I may gander down to my local Sears store to see what’s up. That and price the tools individually. And then look at a handy-dandy tool bag…LOL! I admit, I’m just way too cheap. There’s an article at Hot Bike Magazine that reviews the Sears Tool Kit—I think it’s a bit outdated, because of the price. However, it is quite informative.

Now, just exactly where am I going to put this soon to be put together tool kit? Hmmm…I’m liking the Corbin Smuggler Trunk…except how much it costs! It’s a bit over kill for the three dollars I’m gonna save in money and the countless hours I’m gonna spend in putting together a )^#&^% tool kit! HA HA HA!!!

Stop the insanity….my brain hurts!!

Keep The Shiny Side UP!

~The Rainbow Wahine


The Snark said...

The only tool I carry with me these days is a fully charged mobile phone. And cab fare.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those great links to the tool lists! Very helpful!