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Sunday, June 04, 2006

On Being On Back…

This is a continuation of the debate of being on the back!!! Friday night was the local HOG meeting and I decided to get out a bit and decompress from the overwhelming amount of homework I had been working on. Rolling the bike out of the garage, I discovered that the bike still had bug remnants of the Fort Bent ride so I pulled off the windshield.

That’s quite a feat, since I haven’t had my ridden without my windshield for quite some time!! Off it came, and three blocks down the road I’m definitely missing it!!

Down at the HOG meeting, I got a chance to chit-chat with my friends and took some good natured ribbing about my latest motorcycle adventures. No one would fess up to starting the new set of rumors…except the one that got all the blame was the one that wasn’t there. I’ll deal with him soon enough!!!

The time of the meeting where the rah-rahs are given to the new bike owners rolled around. They all line up and announce what they ride. We had a new bike owner at our table and when his time to talk about his new ride all he said was “I ride a ’72 brunette”….we all whipped around and looked at the “ride” and got to see her turn 14 shades of red!! Her response was that she had no problem taking his ride out for a ride and leaving him behind! HA HA HA!!

Of course, Jeanne, my independent as H-E-double hockey sticks Dyna riding cohort had to throw in the ride on back challenge. To which the ’72 brunette rider replied….”never, ever, ever”… Naturally that threw back the floodgates to a whole lot of indignant challenges. Sitting at a table with three strong willed women was just a not too intelligent undertaking. Funny, the four or five other gentlemen sat at the table silently observing the unfolding of events. No way would they even think of taking on The Blonde Smoothie when she gets on a roll…….

Smart men, I’m thinking!!!

Really, Jeanne has no problem riding on back. Provided it is with her hunky man. Heck from the stories, I’ve heard, I’d ride on the back with him too….but I also know it’s unlikely as if anyone was going on the back…it’d be her. Hey, I understand…exactly who is whose property?? LOL….

No, I’m not going to answer that one…you figure it out.

I recounted the number of times I’ve ridden on the back of a motorcycle. I actually did quite a bit of riding on the back in the past year so I do have a fair comparison. I do know that I won’t get on the back of just anyone’s motorcycle. For one it is a huge safety issue. Not only do I put my life in the hands of the skill of another rider, I have found that I’m one of those awful back seat riders!!! Unfortunately, once you start riding on the front, you (should) realize that leaning plays a big part in steering. One of those things that I want to “help” do!! Which is not what a BOB is supposed to do!

My friends that allow me to ride on the back are well aware of this syndrome that I have and compensate for it. Those that don’t normally don’t expect it and honestly I really try to not surprise them with that tidbit of information going around a corner (forewarned is forearmed, eh??). After all, a crash making a turn is no better is just as nasty as any other—ouch ouch ouch!!!

However, being on the back does have its advantages. The biggest is that I don’t have to pay as much attention to the road and enjoy the scenery around me. Don’t forget, scenery also includes the cute guys that we pass going down the road. I can smile, wave, blow kisses, flirt and not worry about crashing!!! I can wave with abandon to the other motorcyclists on the road, the folks sitting on porches and kids in cars. I also have someone to hide behind in a deluge!! And a front rest should I ever decide to take a nap (fat chance, lol)!

Seriously, I do enjoy riding on the back—it has its advantages and disadvantages just like anything else. For the guys who refuse to even consider it should think about this….sitting on the back of a bike allows you to take in the scenery around you…which includes the women that were on the side of the road flashing at the bikes passing by at Rolling Thunder…

What, you missed that?? Serves you right!!

And you might even get lucky enough to ride on the back of a hot girl’s motorcycle!!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


KT Did said...

Nice post Christine. I too, like riding on the back sometimes just to take a break and take pics. Sometimes its the best way to sight-see, however, I don't know too many people to offer their seat back to me. Sounds like you had a great time in WA and the pics are great. How exhilerating to be there with so many bikes and saluting soldiers to waive and throw kisses too!!

Christine said...

Oh KT, I beg to differ...I think you'd have more than enough in choices to ride on the back...if you put the word out on the street. However, I think you are like think twice or three times before climbing on the back of a motorcycle--especially after knowing what hazards lie out there for motorcycle riders.

I had a wonderful time in DC and I hope to have the opportunity to do it again--either on the back or on my own. It was an awesome experience.

I'll tell you what, if I can get the timetable for RFTW worked out and do it from about you ride with me??