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Monday, June 12, 2006

In Search of Paco Bell

Sunday was a glorious day—especially to fire up the motorcycle and get out on the road.  I awoke some 40 minutes before I was supposed to meet my friends down at Gunther Toody’s….so it was a quick clean up and out the door.  I didn’t put sun block on.

Ouch.  I normally wear at least 50 SPF and put in on before I get dressed.  It just makes it easier to get on and I keep the stuff off my clothes.  At any rate, I decided to get it on after breakfast.  I did manage to slap some on my face and the front of my neck—and only because it is part of my make up routine…thank goodness for that!

The ride today took me up to Florissant, over to Cripple Creek and back down through Manitou and Old Colorado City.  We had a small group; I had five of my other friends ride down and join me for breakfast.  We ate, chatted and then headed out.  

Two of my friends I ride with on a regular basis.  One I’ve met but never ridden with, and the other two I hadn’t ridden with in a while.  So it was good to get together with them and ride out.  We didn’t have any formal plans so when we came together at breakfast, it was an unusual gathering of friends—all good, naturally, just a different dynamic altogether.  I was happy to see them all!!

The HOG poker run was that morning—and we did manage to ride part of the route (in the opposite direction, of course)!  It was great to see a whole lot of my fellow riders out on the road—it was a gorgeous day!!!

Once at Florissant, we parted ways—two of my friends were headed out and were on a tighter time schedule.   I’d like to stop at Florissant one day—I think it may be one of those mom-mobile days so I can take my little one.  I think he’ll like to fossils and other stuff.  Goodness knows he loves those rocks!!

So the four of us continued on to Cripple Creek.  This is the first time I’ve been up to Cripple Creek by motorcycle this year.  Yeah, we’ve been doing other stuff, I suppose!!!

Riding Cripple Creek is fun; coming down off the mountain is always a great ride!  The scenery is beautiful and it’s just fun to ride down.  I know I have to do it again soon—simply for all the scavenger hunt items that are listed that I need to get.  

Even Paco Bell.  Yes, you read that right and no, it’s not a typo.  It’s truly Paco Bell.  A couple of my friends have been giving me grief about it…but there is a Paco Bell in the State of Colorado.  From what I hear, he’s up in the area we rode in…..LOL..

I need to catch up with the Scavenger Hunt anyway. I hear some of my friends have one third of the list complete….and I’m way behind!!!  YIKES!!

I burned off a full tank of gas and pulled in around dinner time.  It was a lot of fun and I wished I could stay out longer, but alas, real life calls.  In other words, homework!!  

On a short note, I received an invite to do a run with another group of friends.  It’s a pre-ride out with a different group of friends and it was cool that I was invited along to help critique the route.  Cool!!

Looks like I’ll be out on the Star next weekend, however, the Fatboy is in the shop for maintenance…..Hey, I’m not complaining!  I can still ride!!!


Oh, and on a last note, I did get sunburned.  Serves me right.  Of course, I’ll take the sunburn over the horribly ugly clouds and bit of hail we had after I get home!!  It is that time of year again!!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Giest said...

sounds like a fun ride! oh, and i would rather get sunburned then drowned as well. unfortunately the weather in New Brunswick is being more then a little...wet. i envy your sun...*sob*

Biker Betty said...

Poor Giest, I've been reading his woes of the bad weather he's been getting. I wish we could send some of our good weather his way. Wouldn't that be cool? I guess to be able to do that would REALLY mess up the weathermen, lol!!!

Christine, sounds like you have been getting caught up with your saddle time. Glad to hear it!! Glad to hear you've been having fun.

Giest said...

hey, if it means that i get a little sun...then please DO mess with the weathermen! hehe. ;)

Beaker said...

Were you able to take any pix of your stops?? Sounds nice - would love to see it. It is a fantastic feeling on the bike when the sun is shining and the company is good.

Christine said...

Yeah, send Geist some of this sunshine!! I'd take on messing with the weatherman. Besides...he's wrong more often than not!! LOL..of course, here we can have sunshine, rain, snow, and hail all at the same time!! I'd be confused for sure.

No, this time I didn't take my camera. I'm doing some photo op riding next ought to be fun!!