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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scavenger Hunt Riding in the Springs

Sunday was a half-day riding—my riding friends decided that we didn’t want an early day in the saddle so we set off after lunch… Scavenger Hunt in town!

There are quite a few items in town to be had and every time I think I have gotten them all—yes, I find I need something else!  No worries, I’m adding points to the list!!  Crossing each item off the list one at a time means I’m closer to finishing…..

I’m still pretty far behind Miss Kaybee; I believe she’s about half way through the list already!!  I don’t think I’ll catch her!!

The Blonde Smoothie, Miss Kaybee and I talk about the items, where they are located in the city and the order to get to them.  Miss KB needs a police station, The Blonde needs a fire station and both are close by.  To the daycare center then off to the veterinarian.  Hospital, and then hey…isn’t that a flower garden as Miss Kaybee takes a quick pick of me and the flower garden while waiting at a traffic signal!!

The flea market causes a headache….there is a lot of traffic to deal with!!  And the Bus Stop requires a stop along a busy road…not only that, Miss Kaybee makes a U-turn in the middle of the street to shoot the image…

Hurry, hurry, hurry…get out of the way….

Oh, then there’s the stuff downtown.  Uncle Wilbur’s Fountain…surrounded by one way streets that make it difficult to get in…but we do manage.  Pike’s Peak Center and again, up on the sidewalk to get a close shot!   Kimball’s Twin Peak’s Theater.    

We made a stop at the US Olympic Center—the security guard is asking what the heck we were doing while pulling our bikes on the sidewalk….  LOL…the Blonde Smoothie makes nice and explains what we are doing.  Miss Kaybee is getting her Volusia into position and I’m yelling “NO NO NO NO” to no one in particular.

It seems that I thought I put my kickstand down and was going to put my motorcycle down.  Uhhhh…..going over and over and over and I’m yelling to pick the Fatboy back up.  No drop, but boy it was close.  What was I thinking?  Obviously nothing!!  Happy ending, so no worries!!

Hey, isn’t that a security guard the The Blonde is talking to??   He he he…we ask to take his photograph and he agrees, so that one is off the list.

The mall…..and Sonic…and the ever hard-to-fine car hop on roller skates.  He was soooo accommodating!  I still haven’t gotten food, but that’s another adventure for another day….

Fruit stand, and then lastly, baseball field.  

I don’t know whose idea it was to ride in the middle of the afternoon, but it was hotter than blue blazes and this was a full afternoon of riding around town.   It was hot, but we did have fun.  

I’ll give kudos to The Blonde Smoothie for making a great U-turn in the middle of the street!!  Her riding skills have really improved as well as her confidence level!!!  My hat is off to her; she rode with a passenger on the back and that’s no easy feat to do!!  Of course, I’m glad that Miss Kaybee came along; it’s been a while since I’ve done some unstructured “fun” riding with her and enjoyed it immensely!

Just another Sunday afternoon ride…..hotter than you know what, but what a great day!

Yeah, the story is all discombobulated; the narration of items is not in the correct order, but it was a day of riding around town.  I still have quite a few items to get in town…so another story for another day….

Oh, and Miss Kaybee had a guy ask her if he would trade his old Dodge Dart for her motorcycle…the car was in great shape and I’m thinking it would be a good trade indeed!!

That’s my report for the day!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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