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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Great Derby Cover Switcherooni

Sigh, I was hoping that the metal leafing on my derby cover would hold.  One, because I like it and think it is cool.  Two….I won’t have to change it out.

Well, it won’t hold, so I’m up to the task of changing it out.

Yes, it’s an easy enough job and my friends at the Harley Dealership were more than happy to sell me the necessary gaskets to make the change.  I have a new derby cover—that’s how I met my crazy friends and did The Great Colorado Motorcycle Vacation.

So, the stage it set.  Parts needed—check.  Work space ready—check.  Large enough block of time to anticipate every ever-loving disaster that could happen—check….make-up—check…

LOL…only kidding.  

My handy dandy helpful Harley parts counter friend made sure that all the bases were covered.  Yeah, he gives me a hard time and I give it right back.  It’s all good.

Stay tuned.  This SHOULD be an easy task…

Keep the Shiny Side UP!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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