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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hey! There Goes My Jacket!!!!!

LOL…Well, it’s a motorcycle story and a cute one at that!

On our ride down from the 5-in-1 was a party of three—my girlfriend Jeanne, her son on her Dyna, Doc, and me on my Fatboy, Mr. Chubbs. We set out early to do some Scavenger Hunting in Leadville.

One of the items was Turquoise Lake in Leadville and while we were at the lake doing the shots we came upon a group that also participated in the 5-in-1. We took everyone’s pictures and chit-chatted for a bit. Seems they were on their way back to the Springs.

Jeanne and I had the intent to ride Mt. Evans, a gorgeous ride in Idaho Springs. Looking at the map, we saw how far it was and decided that home was closer so we decided to skip the ride. Unless there is a major disaster, the mountain would be there for us to ride another day.

We talked about making sure to get the Turquoise Lake sign and head down off the lake. In the distance I see two bikers….hmmmm…..could it be???

LOL…yes, it was! My friend Deb and Biker Betty! Funny catching them!! Since we were headed in the same direction we decided to ride together.

The closer we get to Colorado Springs, the higher the temps get. It is HOT!!! The chaps and leather jackets come off....shorty gloves replace full-fingered gloves and I’m wishing I could ride in a bathing suit!!! Yowza it’s hot!!!

I have to give props to Biker Betty….as she wears ALL her safety gear. Full-faced helmet, her protective jacket, full fingered gloves…and I know she’s sweltering. *I’m* sweltering and I’m down to jeans and t-shirt!

I remembered that I have my handy dandy brand-spanking new mesh textile jacket in my bag and I offer it up to her. At first, she doesn’t want to take it. I insist. It’s in my bag and I’m not wearing it…so she decides to take me up on the offer and wear it.

We ride into town and yes, the weather does get hotter. Gee, I’m wishing to get back into the mountains at this point! It’s just that hot!!!

I get home, strip down the bike, check my all-important e-mails and then decide I’m not staying home because it’s just too hot! So off I go to do more riding. I head north a bit then turn around to head south. While I’m southbound on Powers I notice two specialty headlights coming at me…could that possibly be Biker Betty and her husband, Unsupported?? I am accustomed to looking for the red textile jacket…but not this day…but….


It IS Betty….I recognized the purple bike….oh wait….there goes my Harley jacket!!!

Ha ha ha!! She’s still testing it out.

I decide to get out and ride in the new subdivisions in the east part of the city. What a big mistake…that is a residential nightmare. I couldn’t get out!! I was so frustrated going around in circles that I took a break and called my friends and vented to them.

Finally, off the phone and back on the bike…and I find my way out. Kept heading west.

As I’m at the intersection of Powers and Barnes…two motorcycles pass me….

Hey…..that’s my Harley jacket!! Yes, it’s Biker Betty and Unsupported headed back from their jaunt. This time, I chase them down and we spend a bit of time chatting.

Oh, I did get my jacket back. It wasn’t a big deal, I knew I would get it back eventually, but I thought it was funny as I’m riding down the road and they pass me…

Hey, there goes my jacket!!

LOL…what a day!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Biker Betty said...

Yes, the 5-in-1 was a blast!!! Thank you again, Christine, for offering the loan of your mesh jacket. I got home, logged in 450 miles, and then decided to hop back on the bike to attend a party Bill & I had RSVP'd to. Thought I'd sneak one extra trial ride with your jacket and got caught!! LOL!! That day was very HOT!

I've gotten very used to sweltering in my heavy biker jacket, and it was nice to use your mesh jacket with the armor. I never did make it to HD to see if they had the last one on sale, but I will keep an eye out for sales. I had this dark pink one I had my eye one.

Thanks Again, Biker Betty :)

PS: Just got home from another jaunt in the state and logged 471 miles this weekend!! Whooo Hooo!!

KT Did said...

You two are a crack up--always make me smile!