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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Colorado Motorcycle Vacation: The Ride Up to the Meet Point

My vacation started out in Estes Park so I had a hundred plus mile ride up to meet everyone. Not looking forward to fighting Denver traffic at rush hour, I intended to ride out early. Notice intended. Of course, that didn’t happen as I kept finding last minute stuff to do! Oh well, such is the way of things!

I’ve lived out of a bag before and even one as smaller than my T-Bag! Being a girl and getting a week’s worth of clothing in my bag—including my makeup, toiletries, and computer, was doable and I did have room to spare! Whoooo hoooooo!!

Not having any idea what I was getting myself into, I thought about the week before me. I have precious free days in June and July—those times are when my son goes to his dad’s place for “summer” vacation. As I ride up, I’m wondering if I *really* want to give up eight days of that time to spend with people that I have never met face to face…..

Once I get up to Estes Park, I stop to shoot the image with my Harley and the marker into the city to mark the beginning of the trip. As I am there, a young solider pulls in and asks me for directions (lol…little does he know I’m clueless). We chat for a few moments about various topics and then we part our ways.

Estes Park is a wonderful town! While waiting to meet up with everyone, I rode around town and shot some Scavenger Hunt items! I knew I needed Rocky Mountain National Park and The Stanley Hotel. The claim to fame of The Stanley Hotel is that it is in the movie The Shining. It's a beautiful building, nonetheless.

Finally, I meet up with Brenda and Steve! As we are talking, a gentleman and his wife come out and he’s asking me about my bike, my vacation and plans. He’s surprised about my upcoming trip and invites me to ride in with them. LOL. He’s part of the party and had no idea that I was joining him!

The personalities are as different as the motorcycles they are on. We have the Harley Riders--Steve and Brenda and Jimmy and Donna are on Hard Baggers, Rob and Kay are on a Dyna, Stevie is on a Sportster and I'm on my Fatboy. Ed and Gloria and Daniel are on Goldwings, George is on his Buell and Tim and Donna are on a Yamaha FJR 1300.

Jimmy and Donna are pulling a motorcycle trailer. It's really neat, it looks like a miniture horse trailer!

We visit for a while, the rest of the introductions are made and we bunk up for the night. The plan is to get out at 11:00 AM, so some of us decide to get out for an early morning ride around the area.

….to be continued…………I'm going to do the ride!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


KT Did said...

Your vacation is looking good...looking forward to the next chapter!

ellopez said...

your posts add a "shining" light to the fun that can be had on two wheels. keep sharing. moremoremore