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Monday, July 17, 2006

Colorado Motorcycle Trip: Final Day

It’s the last day and while I’m happy of the idea to being back home, I’m sad this adventure is coming to an end. We gear up and head to Buena Vista for breakfast and the stop is yummy…SOS. Sigh. I haven’t had good SOS in forever!!

While we are eating, Tim proposes a toast to the safe ride and notes that I’m being returned safe and sound! Yes, I was in the midst of wonderful people and am happy that I made a lot of new friends! I was reminded of the upcoming California trip….as much as I’d love to do it, I do have other commitments. The time will once again open up and I hope to ride again with everyone!!

After breakfast, our group split up with most everyone heading up Highway 285 back to Denver. We have four motorcycles—John, Daniel, Ed and Gloria, and myself. We are taking Highway 24 back to the Springs. The plan is to stop in the Garden of the Gods.

The ride back was uneventful and is always fun. My favorite, of course is the short stint of twisties before we get to Manitou. I love riding it down!! Too bad there are way too many cars!

We have one final stop: The Garden of the Gods. It’s a short ride through the park. A stop at Balancing Rock determines another separation: Daniel and John parting ways and I’m leading Ed and Gloria out of town. I hug my new friends good bye and off we go. The ride through town is busy…traffic is a nightmare. Once on Powers, Ed and Gloria head up and I head home.

I pull in my drive and I know I am happy to park my very dirty Harley in the garage and my very tired body in my home.

The mileage on my bike is almost 1,600 miles!!!!

My rest is short-lived; as I know it is Family Dinner Night with the Mountain Shadow Riders!

Unpack my T-Bag and saddle bags, I head out to the car wash to give the Fatboy a washdown. While the bike isn't detailed, at least the chrome is somewhat shiny. Now, it's time to get to dinner. It’s good to be back!

For once, I’m early to the dinner and I find my fellow trike rider and Chapter Assistant Director, Wendy waiting. Now, this is one hot trike! She rides a custom built trike—her brother built this for her! It’s a trike with a VW engine and can you say RED and LOUD?!?!?!

Kudos for her winning the bike contest at the Tejon Street Bike Fest!!

We are the only two in the parking lot so I ask the one question that has been begging to be asked:

“Take me for a ride?”

Off we go! It’s a short ride, but let me tell you……I felt like Cinderella riding on the back of this screaming hot machine. And yes, I did wave like the princess at all the people we passed…as well as my shout of whooooooohoooooooooo echoed behind us as we roll down the street.

Sigh, the end of my vacation was be highlighted with a ride on a cool trike and dinner with my Mountain Shadow Rider family!!

It was a good week, indeed!!

The next adventure: The Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson 5 in 1….


KT Did said...

Ahhh Christine, Welcome home. I, for one, am sad your adventurous vacation has come to an end. I look forward to reading your next chapter in the life of "you". Glad you are home safe and soundly walking in PJ's in your own abode.

Beaker said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your journeys Christine. Really well done and the pics are great as well.

You must be happy to finally sleep in your own bed though!!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the ride-along on your journey. It has been fun and, I too, look forward to your next motorcycle adventure. :) You can find some of the greatest adventures!!!

Giest said...

wow,! what an amazing ride and it looked like so much fun! thank you so much for allow us the ability to "live through you."

great pictures, great write up and glad to see you home nice and safe.