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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who’s Going to Fix It?

I have bent pins in my fork lock on my Fatboy, so I need a new lockset.

What a pain. When I had my motorcycle in for service back in June, I asked them to look at it and yes, they did agree with me—I need a new lockset.

My motorcycle is still under warranty, so the lockset was ordered and the service date was set. Unfortunately (and this is totally my fault), I failed to write down the appointment date and that day blew by. Sigh.

Well, after a few choice words from the Service Department regarding my forgetfulness, I decided that I’d just get pick the darn thing up and put it in myself. I can understand getting fussed at for forgetting—but at the same time, I also know that they have been incredibly busy and probably took someone in on the spot. There’s no reason for the service guy to be rude. There’s really no reason to be rude, period…

I made my way down to the dealership with the intent to pick up my locks. Well, evidently, with warranty work, I have a choice: let them install the lockset and it is all free. Pick up the lockset for a self-install—they’ll charge me for the lockset which, for your information, is right at $125.

Well….that’s a no brainer…they are doing it *smile*.

I understand why it is like that. I was just annoyed for the service rep for being rude.

Since my lockset has been changed, the key I have for my ignition won’t match—which means I will have a different key for my ignition and my fork. Just another key to keep up with...yikes!!

Another day in motorcycle land…

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


ellopez said...

i hate reading when a dealership has an attitude. thats why i have found a good shop with no attitude that does Harley sanctioned service work. I won't use our local Harley shop because of their attitude either. I understand the staff works long hours for not much money, but it is their choice to work for Harley. In the happy harley family world, the attitude of harley employees is our dirty little secret.

Rider said...

you should have kicked his ass. it's not like his entire day revolved around you getting your bike in so he could work on it.

safe journies

Anonymous said...

FYI, the dealership could have matched the keys by getting the key code number from you, it would have been on a tag on your extra key when you got your bike and specified that lock key when ordering the fork lock. Had you not had that they probably could have got it from your VIN. Sounds like you have a poor dealer. I would go back and make them reky the fork lock or swap it for a matching one.

Christine said...

Actually, it had a happy ending...they ended up switching out my fork lock and my ignition lock so it all matches. The lockset on the bike and the VIN didn't match because the tankset was swapped out.

Yes, I have an '05 15th Anniversary tankset on my '04 Fatboy...

And the story gets more