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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bike Karma

This story unfolded over the past few days and serves to teach that you just do not give any noise to your friends about their bike!

Friday night held a meeting of friends who wanted to wish me Happy Birthday (yes, Friday was my birthday)…so I rode down to the local hangout and talked trash and even some life stuff. At any rate, one of my friends (friend #1) decided he had to give noise his other friend (friend #2) about the bike he was riding Saturday morning in one of the local bike runs. It was quite funny to watch unfold—all that “guy” machismo talk!

Well, friend #2 took it in stride—and kept on rolling.

Night came to a close…and all is good.

The next morning, I called friend #1 to find out the meet time (I couldn’t remember the time—yeah, it is a bad habit of mine) and we visited for a few moments. Meet time reestablished and I had a few things to get together before getting out the door.

I ride down to meet my friends (friend #1) and we all ride down to the meet point. He thought his bike was acting a bit odd—but chalked it up to his bike being cold—and drove on. We ride down to meet everyone else and voila: his bike dies…..and won’t restart!

Now, friend #2 hasn’t shown up at this point. Friend #1 gets a ride back down to his house to get his other bike (yes, it is quite nice to have a spare handy)—and on the way down calls the bike shop to come and get his non-starting motorcycle. Unfortunately, he could not make the call—his cell phone was quite dead—so he makes the call on friend #3’s cell phone.


The cell phone karma incident would have stayed a secret until friend #3 made the comment—which of course we all jumped on!!

While my friend was getting his other bike, friend #2 shows up and of course, we gleefully fill him in on the morning’s events—because we know that he took a pretty good pounding about his motorcycle.

So when friend #1 shows back up with his other motorcycle and the Harley Davidson truck and trailer following him…it was on!! This is a bunch of people giving back the nonsense that was given the night before!

Too bad one the other female in the group didn’t think to find a “for sale” sign to put on the non-working bike!! It would have been just too funny!

Things calmed down and everyone got ready to pull out to get to the beginning of the run. Of course, I hold a collective breath when friend #2 starts his motorcycle—it would have been just too funny if he started having motorcycle issues at that point. His bike fired up and away we went.

There is a post script to this story….I had another friend who wanted to do the ride but was running late, so I stayed behind. My friends took off…and friend #2’s motorcycle gets out of the parking lot to the intersection…and died. I’m watching this whole scenario unfold—and he is working to get his bike re-started. After a few tries, he gets his iron pony started and down the street they go.

Of course, at the first stop, we meet up and I ask him what the problem was. His wasn’t bike karma….rather he is now the proud owner of the “turn on the gas” sticker…which I thought was quite fitting. That’s all I’m going to say about that!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


The Snark said...

Happy Birthday Christine, and many happy returns. Not going to post any drunken party pictures? :P

ellopez said...

many many happy returns and hope you had a grand day. thanks for the "friends" stories. Karma always seems to remind us of her existence at just the right times. lol


KT Did said...

Hey Happy Late Birthday to you and many good karmas back at you!