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Monday, September 11, 2006

In Tribute to: John Giordano

From 2996...a tribute of victims of September 11.

In remembrance of the fallen heroes of September 11, 2001, I am stopping to pay tribute to John Giordano.

John Giordano was a mere 47 when he was killed at the World Trade Center. He was a resident of Newburg, New York and a firefighter for Engine 37, Haz Mat Battalion 11, 3rd Division of the New York City Fire Department. He gave his life saving others following the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers on September 11. He was laid to rest on November 3, 2001.

I was a half-world away when the attacks happened as I was living in Hawaii at the time. The day was typical as any other—I was on my way to school and as usual—in a hurry to get there. Traffic was worse that uncooperative as all the military bases were on high alert and all the roads were virtually parking lots because of the vehicle searches.

The days and weeks following September 11 were difficult. My favorite Aunt, who lived in Pennsylvania, took the attacks to heart and was devastated. My then husband, who was active duty at the time, was sent to a particularly nasty part of the world to do a job that no one talks about. He came back a different man and it cost all of us dearly—my husband became my ex and my son is now a resident of two single parent households.

Of course, I did not lose anyone close to me on September 11 directly. However, as a result of the attacks my family dynamics changed. I won’t say for the worst, because I, like most Americans, am resilient and worked towards making forward progress. I am in a good place again.

It is our responsibility to move forward and show our adaptability towards any future changes—good or horrific. Although we have to become stronger as individuals and a country, we should never forget those who paid with the ultimate sacrifice—their lives.

Life will never be the same after September 11—that is evident even today.

For this day and this moment, I pay tribute to John Giordano. God bless him and his family.


Teena said...

Thank you for honouring John!

I honoured three men from the Toronto area (I live in Toronto).

Biker Betty said...

Christine, What a wonderful tribute to John Giordano. That was a horrible day. I'm glad for this 2,996 Tribute project to remember all the fallen victims of 9/11.

I've done a tribute for Battalion Chief William J. McGovern.