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Monday, September 18, 2006

Bike Karma: Part Two

It is amazing how things all conveniently “fit” together. All the ribbing I gave my friends from the weekend came back to haunt me yesterday.

My friend Sandy and I got out for an afternoon scoot—and headed up to Woodland Park. I had managed to burn a good bit of the afternoon so the ride was a planned short one.

Short…and cold…..there is snow on the Peak already!

Sandy and I stop in for a cup of hot chocolate and a snack. We decide to split a treat and settle on a humongo cinnamon roll with crème cheese icing…and the topper—warmed. The cashier handed the cinnamon roll to Sandy and she said “yummy…..and it’s sooooo warm!”

Me, in my typical non-thinking way, said “I’d like to take that warm cinnamon roll and rub it on me to warm up”.

The guy that was standing in line before us must have been listening as he turned and said “I’d give anything to be a cinnamon roll right now”.

Well, he was in riding leathers so he must have been cold too (as I deliberately miss the point)!

While we were out, Karla gives me a shout out and asks if we could be down in Old Colorado City before 5:30 PM to pick up a few items for our Breast Cancer Awareness Ride. We have time and head down.

Of course, you know when you have to be somewhere at a certain time, traffic is always uncooperative. Today was no exception. Except the vehicles holding up traffic was two motorcyclists!!

We are all new at one point, we are all new at one point…to hold my patience.

We finally get around them and down to Old Colorado City. Pick up the donations from the local businesses and decide to eat dinner since it was that time of evening.

Somewhere along the line, I lose my keys. I’ll repeat this. I lose my keys. Not only is my bike key on my key ring—my bike is locked and my key is floating around somewhere! This key ring also contains my house key, my mailbox key, my post office box key, and the keys to my van.

Great. I have to go home to get my spare ignition key—but I still have to deal with getting in my house.

I hop on the back of Sandy’s bike…to find that she’s never ridden a full-sized adult on the back. I am a terrible passenger…as I want to help steer!! LOL. Okay, I promise to make good and be very still.

Well, it is a first for me too…I have never ridden on the back with another girl!!

Off we go.

It is sometimes quite interesting to be the rider of a motorcycle—I still get double takes on occasion. However, evidently two females on a motorcycle garners quite a bit of attention—finger pointing with conversation!

I won’t mention the fact that Sandy found it quite amusing and was adding to the fun by yelling “Yeah, she’s my “b”” every time she caught someone staring.

Gotta love it!

Well, I get home to get my key….of course; I have to break into my home to get in since I’ve lost my keys!!! I do get in, but cat burglar I’m not. We laugh about the whole thing.

Back out to the bike—gear up and get ready to head out. Before I leave, I do stop in to the only business that happens to be open at this time of night to ask if someone turned in a set of keys. Turns out that someone did…so I’m back to where I started…only some three hours later!!

Bike Karma….I take back all the ribbing I gave…as I’m not going to live this one down for quite some time. Sandy said she’s gonna get one of those shirts that reads “if you can read this, the ‘B” fell off”….in reference to me on the back of her bike….

Well, it is at least…interesting….LOL…

It’s all good and I was able to

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


KT Did said...

This cracked me up as there have been several occassions where Stella and I should have paired up being out of a ride---we never did though cause we were too freaked out what people would say and how it looked!!! Now I know exactly what to say--with a good laugh too!

Gerry said...

And what a story it made.

Memories... its all any of us can take with us.

You made one, and it was a pain at the time, but you laugh about it now.

Moments is what life is made up of.