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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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Gear For Girls…

Biker Betty brought a tidbit of information regarding riding gear for girls at our last chapter meeting of the Mountain Shadow Riders. I heard 25 textile colors….whooooohoooooo!!

Evidently Scooter Gurl decided to contact the owner (yes, she’s a fashion conscious girl as well) to get info on this vendor.

Did you hear me when I said TWENTY FIVE COLORS????? I am thinking that I could definitely be the Rainbow Wahine with this source!

I was particularly interested in the note about gloves. I have been on the hunt for red riding gloves and as of today, have batted zero in finding a pair of red gloves. I’d be in heaven if I found a pair of really cool red leather gloves!!

The website is still under construction, but there is a really great picture on the site. I’m thrilled to have another choice in riding gear—black is wonderfully slimming, but it is tough to see a rider in black at night.

The image at the top is a sample of the gear available. I am interested in seeing the full catalog….whoooohoooooo cool safety gear!

Keep your eyes peeled for motogear. Hopefully they’ll have their site up and running soon!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

1 comment:

KT Did said...

Looks like fun clothing to come...don't quite get the stilettos though...ughghghg!