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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stupid is as Stupid Does...

So I'm riding up Powers on my way home and thinking it's very cold to be riding when I hear the buzz of sportbikes. Now, really, I don't care what anyone rides and I think a pack of any kind of motorcycles is really cool together. I watch then fly by in all their glory and fly by they do...all buzzing and whatnot.

Of course, I have that warm fuzzy feeling and a bit of jealousy of "them" riding (versus me). Then one of the yahoos decides to pull his bike up in a wheelie.

I'm not impressed.

Really people, do what you want to do--I don't care. If a rider is that skilled enough to ride stunts and do it successfully--that's great! However, to do this in the front of a group of motorcycles is downright unintelligent.

Had that rider lost control and crashed, chances are that the dude or dudette behind him would have run him over. I'm not going to debate whether or not he deserves that in light of his bad choice. But really, does he want to subject his fellow rider to the guilt of running over him (or her, since I shouldn't be sexist and assume it was a dude)? Or risking the 20 people behind him the opportunity to crash?

This wasn't a group of motorcyclists on a street with light traffic. Saturday afternoon traffic and damp roads is not a day for "light" traffic. This rider was the third motorcycle in a large group of motorcycles. I wondered how many of his friends would have crashed trying to avoid him, run him over, or run him over and then crashed. Of course, I've left out just avoiding him. Think he'd get lucky enough to have them all avoid him?

Or it might have been a day where no one flipped their bike over and the rider just put his bike down and the ride continued on like it should. That is exactly what happened.

At least for today. If you want to ride dangerously, go for it!! You take your machine, your skin and your life into your hands. Please, however, don't risk someone else's skin. If you still feel the need to do so, I will pull out and it will be my last ride with you. This I know. It's bad enough that I have to watch out for road hazards like sand, gravel, potholes as well as cell phone laden drivers, bad decisions, and the like. I have to watch out for irresponsible riders too. it natural selection or whatever you like. I used to be horrified at that small group of irresponsible riders "making" a bad name for the responsible riders. No more. It's no different from idiot drivers being a sound representation of drivers of the general population. Instead, I just chalk it up to natural selection...and hope that it is not one of my friends that runs your crazy self over.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Lucky said...

Agree with you 100%!

Again, the actions of a few idiots have a big impact on all motorcyclists. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy watching stunters do their thing... but not on a crowded street. His actions were seen by non-motorcyclists, who will now go home thinking "motorcycles are dangerous".

Sometimes I feel like we're fighting an uphill battle with ourselves. Can't imagine what it must be like to work for the AMA, defending some of the very motorcyclists who are the root of the problem...

But for now, the sun is out, and it's a balmy 38 degrees outside (4 degrees Celsius - but hey, this is Canada, so I'll take what I can get). I'm gonna hop on Silver, turn the heated vest and grips up to "Grill", and go for a ride.


KT Did said...

I agree with you. If they want to be dare devils and take THEIR life into a stupid place, sobeit, but not mine, not my friends or anyone elses. I am sick of other bad riders, making a bad name for those who respect the living. Drivers of other vehicles need to take heed also.

mrs road captain said...

Amen, sister!