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Friday, May 30, 2008

Run For the Wall 2008--Over Raton Pass

One of the other things that was a minor problem was my glove liners. I was having a problem with a draft up my chin and stuffed one of my glove liners in that space to block the draft. Unfortunately, somewhere on I-25 it became missing.

Oh well, I'll pull out another set of warmer gloves. Except.....I left them at home! LOL.

I did manage to find a cashmere glove stuffed in my pocket (why, I have no idea), so I thought "great, I'll use that as a liner". Well, until I looked at the glove. It was a right glove. My glove liner...was the right glove. Minor problem really--I turned the cashmere glove inside out and voila! Problem fixed.

I put my liners on my black and right bright red, then put my gloves on and off I went.

Earring lost, glove liner lost..what else??

I pull back on the highway and it is once again windy!! No rain, so I'm not too upset. The ride is pretty uneventful and I kick back, listening to The Phantom of the Opera and cruise on down the highway.

I notice as I get to Raton pass, the temps are noticeably dropping. The sky darkens....looks like rain..yikes!!

Except it is not rain. It's the rain's cousin....snow.

Oh double great! There is snow on the ground and the sky is threatening more.....precipitation.

I catch a few flurries and as I head over the pass, I'm just praying for just that--a few flurries. Well, I am cursing the snow and wishing for end-of-May great temps and riding but praying to get through the pass with minimal snow.

It did just that. As I get over the top of the pass, the sky lightens a bit.

Motorcycle crisis survived.

I continue heading south and get a few sprinkles of rain here and there. Not anything to really amount to much, however, the temps still stay cold.

Those sprinkles never did amount to much and I never did get wet, but with the cold temps and the continuing cold blusters, I decided to pull over on the highway and put my raingear on. One more layer. If you were driving down I-25 on Thursday, May 15 between Wagon Mound and Las Vegas, NM and saw a rider on a red Harley Davidson putting raingear on--well, that was me!

It was a good thing I stopped. The closer I got to Las Vegas the darker the sky got. I finally caught up with the rain. As I ride down the interstate, I was beginning to wonder where the edge of this weather front was.

When I get to Las Vegas, it is outright raining. I decided that I had enough and wanted to stop and warm up and take advantage of the stop to fuel up my bike and my tummy. I'm in search of soup. Gallons and gallons of soup!!

I didn't find anything that looked remotely interesting for a food stop, but I did spot a local Wendy's...and they have chili. I'll take it.

I pull in for my lunch. Wet bike, wet gear, water water everywhere.

Can I wait it out?

Until the next post...

Keep The Shiny Side Up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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mrs road captain said...

Been there with the wet road trip...catch the whole story at Days two and three are posted as well. Great pics and a great read!

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip. Gloves can be replaced, glad you found your earring!