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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Happened to Summer?

It looks to be coming to a close and wayyyyy too soon! This past weekend held rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night was the Mountain Shadow Riders’ Family Dinner Night. This month it was held at the Flying W Ranch. The weather had been cloudy and disagreeable, but not so terribly so that I *couldn’t* ride so I hopped on the bike and set off. After all, it is the dinner gathering of a woman’s riding club, right?? It seems that I was the only one that rode in…everyone one else drove!! LOL….The roads were wet, but it wasn’t pouring down rain on the ride up—so no worries.

We had a great visit; a few new faces among the 20 or so that showed. Then again, I always have a great time getting together with my friends!!

Dinner finished and leave time arrived. I walked out to a bike that had a bit of water on it—no worries, it’s not raining even though the pavement was wet. My friend Sandy volunteered to lead me down in the dark. It was a short and safe ride down to the highway—well, except for the deer on the side of the road!! We got down to the main road and I went around her…she was throwing too much water and I couldn’t see!!

I had an interesting experience when I had to brake for a traffic signal. The light changed to yellow and I was too far back to run the light. Being that it was dark, the roads were wet and it was a busy intersection, I decided to brake. Very cautious of pavement conditions and the awaiting traffic, I started to brake. It was a very deliberate and slow brake—the last thing I wanted to do was skid. I didn’t skid, but I did start to drift so I immediately knew I was hydroplaning. It was a strange feeling to be drifting all over the lane knowing I had no control. Easing off the brake a bit I continued working the speed down until I stopped—a few feet over the white line.

Sandy pulls up next to me and says “gee, that looked scary”.

I looked at her and said, “I guess I still had a few good Karma points left”.

That tempered my desire for riding and I got the bike home and stayed put for the rest of the night. Besides, I was planning on riding up to Mount Evans so I wanted to be rested.

I never made it to Mount Evans. I awoke to pouring down rain. I did get out for a short jaunt—the day cleared by mid afternoon and I rode down to a friend’s house. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold and started pouring by early evening. Sigh. I ended up leaving my bike at her place due to the pouring down rain. The Fatboy was safe in her garage…right next to her Dyna. I guess it was a good thing I didn’t wash the goop off from the night before.

Sunday was predicted to be another rainy day. I awoke to a gorgeous day—and I’m thinking my bike is….errrr…at a sleepover at Jeanne’s. She calls me to tell me she’s coming up to get me and while I’m riding down to her place…I’m thinking….lunch…ride….


We get out and ride a bit down to Old Colorado City, have a great lunch at a wonderful bar-be-que joint and shop!! It was a gorgeous day—that should have been the day to ride up to Mount Evans!

The days are cooling off and getting shorter… the fall is upon us. The last great summer weekend is upon us—Labor Day Weekend is this upcoming weekend. On deck is the Rally in the Rockies in Durango, Thunder in the Rockies at Loveland…and the IB…..

Guess which one I’m doing???

I’ll be a heck of a story—I’m hoping it won’t rain….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Mustang said...

okkk.. now thats quite scary.. wet roads, sudden change in lights and immediate braking are not good combinations at all..
how about trying to combine engine braking (cutting the gears to lower gears) and then trying to brake.. many a times that helps in stopping at emergency situations.

Ride safe..


Christine said...

On a slick road? No, that would have given me another factor to worry was all about braking and in the short distance I had to stop (short being less than what I am comfortable with) I wasn't going to consider it!

Biker Betty said...

Glad everyone had so much fun at the dinner. We were sorry we couldn't make it. It was our youngest son's birthday that day.

How many times have you tried to make it to Mt Evans now? Is that the one we accidently drove past a couple of times and the one you planned on meeting friends at? There's too many Mounts "whatevers" and I wasn't sure, lol.

I think that's cool - bike's having a sleepover!! Do you think they stayed up all night talking, lol.

Gerry said...

Hydroplanning on a bike is a lot of fun.

Last year some friends and I rode back from Corpus Christi to Austin in the freezing rain. Yeah, I know.. stupid, but it wasn't that bad when we went down.

Anyway, at the time I had a Suzuki Intruder 1500, and the back tire was over inflated.

I had the roughest ride, because when ever my back tire hit a smooth part on the road, it was start to drift off to one side or the other. and at 60mph, that was frightening. It happend so many times in that 200 mile ride, I lost count.

I learned that day to let some air out of your tires when the road is too wet :) puts more rubber on the road.

Summer is over, Just rode home from TN this past tuesday and Wed, and we froze after the sun went down. ouch. I knew I should have packed my leathers, but I didn't.

Was it COLD.

Keep riding.


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