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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Homebound from Steamboat Springs

We were there, now we had to get home!  Morning was a menagerie of waking styles; I was up at 6:30 AM and out the door for a run.  Approximately two miles up and then the two miles back.  Shower, breakfast, and pack up.  

The girls all decide to take different routes:  Shari and Christina want to head due east and then south, Christine E and Wendy want to go eat breakfast, and Karla, Jeanne and I still have some last minute fiddle-farting around.  Oy, I have a three-quarters full bag with my computer and other gear, so I’m still getting together.  My bike is up on the parking deck so I decide to ride it down by the door so I don’t have to haul the bag in.

While I ride down, I notice a bunch of little ones sitting on the steps of another condo.  I wave at them and pull up to our door.  As I am getting my bags on, the mother and one little boy of five or so walks over and wants to look at my bike.  Feeling the pipes, they are still cool from the ride down so I ask the little boy if he wants to sit on the bike.  

Boys and motorcycles…you know that goes together like peanut butter and jelly.  He was quite enthralled and asked me lots of questions.  It was such a neat moment.  His brother was curious enough to come down as well and had his turn on the seat.

I’m finished packing up and we head out.  The route is the same way back except no dirt roads and no lightning!!  LOL!!  Karla takes the lead and we head out over Rabbit Ears and Mule Creek Pass.  It’s fun riding the twisties with Karla.  As our Chapter Director of the Mountain Shadow Riders, she leads quite a few rides, but rides to accommodate all the riders so often enough doesn’t get to ride at her skill level.  

Today was an exception and through the passes she went.  I know she practices her skills at every given opportunity and she took advantage of knowing that Jeanne and I would fend for ourselves and off she went.  As a rider, I think that Karla is the better skilled than I so no worries-- I kept up when I could and let her get away when it got to be too much.  I would catch her eventually!  

The ride in was quite fun and without mishap!   We even had the opportunity to Scavenger Hunt…as I snag the photo for Chimney Rock, direction signpost and even a stagecoach!  

It was a fun day and a great weekend!  The ride up, a night in Steamboat Springs with great company, the ride down, Scavenger Hunting and a Purple Corvette!!

Next on deck is the Patriot Guard ride on August 5.  My Sturgis trip hit a snag and I decided to delay the trip until next year.  Oh well, such is life.  Instead, I’ll be riding a funeral procession with the Patriot Guard Riders.    

Until then, back to “normal” life!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!
~The Rainbow Wahine


KT Did said...

The PGR is a good exchange for Sturgis....just unfortunate we still have to go. One day hopefully.

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