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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Riding: To Infinity and Beyond....

I didn’t do much riding last weekend; my plans for my turnaround weekend trip to Sturgis blew up, so I decided to stay home. It seems that I had been on one type of adventure or another and I was—tired. So a break was a needed and welcomed concept.

Break done, now it is back to life!

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Rumor on the street has it that I’ll be out riding with a shiny purple motorcycle. Well, I’m going to the HOG meeting first. Hopefully everyone will be at Sturgis and I *might* actually have a chance for a door prize!!


Saturday will be our Mountain Shadow Riders Chapter meeting. We have a great deal on the agenda—being that chapter elections are right around the corner. Our Breast Cancer Awareness ride is right around the corner so Saturday’s meeting will be a busy one. We have a lot of work to do and very little time to get it done. We will make it happen.

After the meeting, we’ll be kicking off The Blood Run. The Mountain Shadow Riders is holding a community blood drive. We have a short ride scheduled with a lunch stop, then we’ll ride down to donate blood. It’s a worthy cause and blood supply is normally very low at this time of year due to the increase of accidents. People not giving due to vacation or other summer activities also impacts the blood supply, so the MSR decided it was a good idea to do something to help ease the shortage.

We aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces in a social club, you know! Well, we are pretty faces, but we do want to give back to our community too!

Next week, of course, is the Women in Motorcycling Conference followed by the Salute to Veteran’s Day Parade and Rally in Cripple Creek. I won’t be able to make the Conference due to scheduling issues, but I know that the women behind the scenes have worked hard in getting this Conference off the ground. I will be there for the Rally, and look forward to seeing a great many of my friends there!!

After that, we have the Iron Butt. Yes, the route has been laid out and the plans are shaping up nicely. Where are we going? Well, I know its a thousand miles that-a-way and will happen over Labor Day Weekend. Stay tuned for more details and adventures preparing for and doing the actual ride….it will be an adventure!!

A couple of weeks later we are in mid-September and yes, it’s my birthday. I’m wondering what chrome doo-dad I’m wanting for my bike….trust me, the idea is forming!

Actually, I have located my hi-temp glue, worked on my design and ordered the parts. The great rhinestone derby cover experiment is about to begin. Gee, don’t I have enough on my plate as it is??
Well, that’s the mid-week report….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


The Snark said...

What are you going to call the new baby? Zurg?

KT Did said...

A Marlboro girl without the cig! Can't wait for that read!! Need to see pics of the derby...gotta have the show and tells. Stella and I are looking for another way to ditch the guys and ride.... when are your rides?