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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

For Father's Day: The Bucksnort

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get out and ride the beautiful roads of Colorado. Destination: The Bucksnort Saloon in Sphinx Park, Colorado. Located right out side of Pine, CO and Hwy 285, the Bucksnort is a great afternoon motorcycle ride. From Colorado Springs, it is a ride UP to The Bucksnort--the altitude is over 7,000 feet!

From the Springs, our little group of 8 or 9 headed West on Hwy 24. It's always a fun jaunt that takes us up through Ute Pass and through Woodland Park. At Woodland Park, we veer off to CO-67N and then CO 126. The ride on CO 126 has the back road feel to it--two lanes and rambling through the scenic Colorado countryside. Unfortunately, much of the wooded area shows the result of the Hayman Fire--which burned in 2002. It's a sobering reminder that fire is a tremendous issue in the dry and arid lands.

Once in Pine, a quick turn from CO 126 to 4th Street and then a quick right to CO 83 or S Elk Road. You have to keep your eyes peeled otherwise you will miss the signage for 4th Street. Believe me, I've missed it a time or two.

South Elk Road is now paved. It is a recent development and I know quite a few motorcyclists that were not interested in riding on dirt. Well, you can call it dirt, but it's really hard packed and not really an issue in my opinion. Nonetheless, the issue is moot, since the road is now paved!

The Bucksnort is known for the buffalo burgers--and yes, that's what I had. The grand offering of the "Forest Fire" or the buffalo burger with cream cheese and jalapenos. YUM!!!

Being Father's Day, it was really busy, but we managed to eat and visit. One of my female rider friends decided to pin up her dollar bill along with the hundreds of other autographed dollar bills tacked to the ceiling. Yes, she did autograph it with her John Hancock.

Refreshed, we headed out to continue our ride. Just continued to meander along the Colorado Country roads. I'm glad I did. Between this ride in June and today, Colorado Springs has faced a fast-burning fire from the Waldo Canyon fire and it's been pretty stressful. There is a motorcycle story in the fire--it will wait until my next post.

Here's the pic from The Bucksnort. The Harley is in the foreground:

The Bucksnort!

Until next time, please keep the shiny side up!!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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