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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Colorado Renaissance Festival and What to Have in the Saddlebags

Sunday was a ride up to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. The Ren Fest is an annual event in Larkspur, Colorado and while in their 36th year, would be a first for me.

The day was cloudy and overcast--one that was welcome after the dry heat and Waldo Canyon Fire. Our caravan consisted of motorcycles and vehicles--some of my friends decided to really go all-out dressing up and felt that riding in fairy outfits consisting of short dresses and cute shoes would not be appropriate. I think they would have done it, but the weather forecast included rain--no fun in any situation. Riding the motorcycle to the Renaissance Festival is always a good idea! Parking is right outside the front door!

Another good reason to ride, I might add!

The Ren Fest was a blast! Not only was I transported in time, there was excellent food, libations, entertainment and shopping! There was also people watching--interesting the number of kilts were on-site. that a skirt or a kilt, LOL!!!

Yes, you can even get a massage by a maiden!

The weather was very cooperative. My friends commented that the weather is normally hotter than blue blazes and the cloudy and overcast weather made for a fine day! In addition, it rained the day before and therefore the dust from the dryness was minimal.

My friends and I decided to cut out mid-afternoon.

As we headed out, I noticed the rain clouds over the city were---well, raining. My mind's eye raised a few cautionary flags because the rain was coming down where we were going.  Unfortunately, the situation did not get any better with lightning flashes. As far as I was concerned, I was ready to pull off the road and call it good until the rain was over.

Have I ever mentioned that I do not like lightning?

We managed to avoid the rain for a while. As we get to the city limits of Colorado Springs, the rain started. Seeing that I'm riding with my Ren Fest garb, I decided that I should put my coat on. I pulled out of the group. Two of my fellow riders decided it was a good idea and did the same.

The rain continued and it was not too heavy--at least for the next couple of miles. The luck ran out when I rounded the curve to get on at Powers Boulevard and then sky opened up.


I pulled over again thinking that I wanted to put on my motorcycle goggles. Unfortunately, I did not have them in my saddle bag. At that point, I decided to not take Powers because of the rain and the speed--limits were 60 miles an hour and I felt safer on the side road.

If I had my goggles, I would have been fine. However, since I was riding with my usual sunglasses, I had to deal with the rain on my windshield as well as the rain on my sunglasses. It's typically not a problem, but since I am a contact lens wearer and the rain was heavy enough that I had the rain running down my face, that my vision was very limited.

I got a couple more miles in and then decided to pull off the road. Normally, I would have taken shelter at a gas station, bank, or other building with cover. There was none to be found.

So there I was, off the bike, flashers on, standing out in the rain. Not too much fun. With my vision being limited, I felt it was safer this way. So, if you were in north Colorado Springs on Sunday afternoon and saw a motorcyclist on the side of the road just standing in the rain...that would be me.

Fortunately, my friends came and rescued me--I got to ride home in a dry warm car, any my bike was ridden home by a rider with a full-faced helmet.

The story ends well--no harm, no foul. Another memorable story from what would have been a "ordinary" riding experience.

Note: I did put goggles in my bike!!

Until next time,

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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