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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crash, Bang, Screech!!

Three words that no motorcyclist wants to hear!!

A few months ago, I was out for a mid-afternoon scoot.  I was out riding with Joe and we were headed to Devine Wines in Manitou (they make fabulous wines).  He was leading.  We were waiting to make a right turn and he saw that it was clear so he went.  I did not go, since I couldn't see and had a niggling feeling to "wait".  So I did.

As I waited, I looked down the lane.  White car, then go.  The car went by and I pulled out.  As I pulled out--out of nowhere a humongo Chevrolet pickup appeared.  I caught the bed of the truck and heard a loud "bang".  The first thing I thought was "darn (you can use a different and appropriate word), my gas tank is dented"! 

I think I was pushed over about three feet or so and managed to not go over.  Fortunately, the collision was on the left hand side.  What I think happened was that the bed of the truck pushed my clutch lever in and disengaged the engine.  Had it been the other side, it could have been a pretty nasty incident.

The driver of the truck pulled over and I pulled in behind her.  She was pretty mad and yelling "why did you pull out".  I calmly stated that I looked down the lane and it was clear so I went.  The road was a five lane road--there are two lanes in each direction and a turn lane in the middle.   I then asked if she changed lanes when I pulled out.  She yelled at me for a few more minutes and then called the police.

Aside from a bruise on my lower leg, I did not sustain any injury.  The loud bang was not a dent in my fuel tank, but rather, my floorboard cut the sidewall of her rear tire causing a blow out.  She was ranting and raving that I scared her and she just replaced that tire just moments ago.  I understand her reaction--I certainly hope I never hit a motorcyclist!

The police officer arrived and was amazed that there was no serious injury.  She was arguing with the officer that I pulled out as she was going by and I stated that I looked down the lane and it was clear, so I thought she changed lanes as I was pulling out.  The officer was amazed that I was unhurt--he asked me three times if I was okay and was I sure if my bike was okay.  I'm fine and the bike is fine.

Fortunately, there was no citation--he just stated since there was no injury, we would just exchange insurance information and be done. 

Once that was taken care of, I started my bike and went home.  My excursion to the winery was not to be since I had to get home in time for Alex to get home from school.  If that isn't a time to have a little wine!! 

Of course, now when I'm riding, I simply will not go if both lanes are not clear.  I've always known that I shouldn't pull out just in case, but now I just will not do it.  I was lucky and I'm not interested in tempting fate!

Keep the shiny side up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Circle Blue said...

I'm glad you are okay. Luck is always involved it these things, but it sounds like a lot of skill came to play as well.

Merry Christmas and be safe.

By the way, I loved the post about your son. I bet he was pretty full of himself for a while.

Again, be safe.

Carla said...

Nice to know your alright, stay safe this year!

motoroz said...

Just found your blog. Glad you escaped with no bad damage. Love your header picture. Been there during one of my trips. Love Colorado.

Cynthia said...

I am happy that you are alright after what happened. No one is exempted from accidents, so do take care. That woman driver is a bitch, she didn't even check if you're alright! So selfish.

bucket trucks for sale said...

God...what an experience.It happens sometimes ...not all days are just the same.But good part is that no one got hurt and all well the damage also was minimal.