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Monday, August 16, 2010

Boys and Motorcycles

The second Saturday of the month is the Mountain Shadow Riders chapter meeting.  We get together, talk about all things motorcycles and other life stuff girls talk about.  This past year has been about change;the largest change is that my son is with me full time.  It certainly has changed my riding--but I figured out how to get some riding in....I just put him on the back.

He's ridden with me on a number of occasions.  I think it's finally dawned on him that it is something really fun and motorcycles are really cool!  It's funny, the days that I've picked him up from daycare, he runs around the facility showing everyone his helmet and proclaiming "my mom is taking me home on her motorcycle"!  Kinda like the nah-nah-nah-boo-boo I got one on you thing.

Arriving at the meeting was pretty quiet--we arrived late and I was sneaking in.  Leaving, however, was an entirely different story.  He was so funny making his production of getting his gear on.  He hopped on and off we went.  Our fearless chapter director sent me an e-mail later that day....."he had the biggest grin on his face and was soooo cute". 

Yeah, I know! About the cute part.  I'm glad he thinks it is fun--because we all know it is!

As we headed down Platte, I decided to take the Powers/Platte interchange.  It's a cloverleaf interchange and it's nicely banked.  Sitting at a red light before the interchange, I instructed Alex is sit still and hold on tight--mom was going to go fast.  It was wishful thinking because there was a car in front of us, but I did a nice turn and zipped onto Powers.

At the next red light Alex said, "Wow, mom, that was FUN"!  Heh...if he only knew.

I still have a little time yet before I want to take him on longer rides--I think he'll be ready to go next summer.   He was disappointed that we weren't going to ride up in the mountains this year. 

I just wonder when the day comes that he wants to learn to ride.  It will probably be sooner rather than later.  Still, at eight, he's does well as a passenger and I'm happy to have him along. 

Sigh, they just grow up too fast.

Keep the Shiny Side Up

~The Rainbow Wahine


Chris "Kickstart" Beason said...

When I first got my bike, my girls didn't want anything to do with them. My youngest, 17 now, still doesn't, but my oldest, 20, begs to ride (on the back with my husband, I don't do passengers) and can't wait till she gets her own!

dave said...

My 20 year old just brought home his first bike, an '82 Yamaha XS400. Three,out of four, of my kids think being on a bike is way to cool and I am certain that over time there will be more bikes in the garage.
Your son will grow up with it and one day when he rides away on his own you won't know whether to panic or cheer.Mine only got to hear the cheer :).

motoroz said...

I love the picture at the top of your blog. I love riding in Colorado.

Michelle said...

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Bikes in India said...

Bike riding is the most common passion for the boys. We enjoyed it.

Bikes in India said...

Bike riding is most common passion for boys and we enjoyed it.